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A Gnome Needs A Home

Right now I am writing an E-Book on a subject close to my heart. How to make your own Pop-Up books. I wanted to show how anyone can make a book on any subject and expand their creativity. If you love making pop-up cards already, or you’ve always wanted to learn, this book has many, […]

The Making of a Frairy

Sometimes it is nice to take myself away into a world of imagination and happiness and Fairyland has always been one of my favorite subjects to write about. A few years ago I came up with new characters and they are flying frogs called Frairies. Of course everything that lives in Fairyland has a job […]

Crystal Birds Story Box Gift

I wanted to something special as a gift for one of my sister’s in England who just had hip replacement surgery. I cannot be there to visit her so the best thing I could do is send her one of my special gifts. I don’t go out and buy a card and stick it in […]