TeaPapers was created to share our love of crafts.  I design and upkeep the site and help with digital design.  We also have another site for those who love hat fashion, Teacup Milliner.

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Our Story 

A few years back we had a bad encounter with a nurse who prescribed two unnessary drugs, ciprofloxin for me for an infection and lisinopril for my mother for high blood pressure.  Those drugs changed both our lives forever.  The Cipro took away two months of my life to pure physical agony in side effects from 11 pills.  I am fortunate enough to only have slight damage that is controlled through magnesium and other vitamins.  My mother is different story.  It started with a reaction to the drug lisinopril and caused a rectocele prolapse.  The problem should have been fixed and her move on with her life… but… the highly recognized and trusted doctor in Houston that she went to see (a woman doctor) damaged her for life by upselling her on a procedure she has found out since she didn’t even need… something called a mesh sling to hold up her bladder.  From the start there were major problems and over two years later she is barely able to walk or stand.  October she will have the sling removed by the only doctor in the entire world who specializes and has no complaints in removals… let me emphasize this… he is the best and in “complaints” I mean damaging women further through inexperience, incompetence and outright lies.  There are many doctors do just that, but Dr. Raz is the rare, rare breed who is honest and compassionate about patients and focuses on getting them back to health and back to their lives.  To read more about her story she has a blog dedicated to women warning to never get a sling or have any mesh put in their bodies… MESH IS TOXIC and even if the effects are not immediate, in time it hardens to a razer inside the body and causes all sorts of damage.  The drug companies should be ashamed… but instead are just profiteers in a day and age it is glorious to get rich by keeping people sick.  Please warn all women who you know so it doesn’t destroy another life.