Mesh & Lupus

This month I am on a mission to educate women around the world to learn about the serious complications many women suffer once mesh is used inside their bodies. I am doing it because I have spoken to so many … Read more »

Mesh Can Change Your Life Forever

And…….. believe me. Not in a good way. Today marks the tenth anniversary since my husband’s death on Easter 2004 which was April 11th that year. All week long he has been on my mind more than usual. Why anniversaries … Read more »

Mesh & Leg Pain

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Yesterday I posted a blog about the realities of my life, not the perceived reality that others see. For the past few days I have actually gone back to my millinery career. This was a huge step for me because … Read more »

Setting the Records Straight

Last September a new friend wrote a story about me on Medical Mesh News Desk. Aaron is a sweet kind young woman whose mother is also mesh injured. She was feeling very sad when we met the first time because … Read more »

To Mesh or not to Mesh

Scream! Scream loud! That is how I feel today. What the hell has happened to this world? Why are women left alone to deal with their injuries by family members who are supposed to love them? That is just one … Read more »

Finding Your Strength

This month is now a month for two anniversaries. For many years it was the anniversary of the day I married my husband, March 3rd 1970. He died almost ten years ago and yet he gave me the greatest gifts … Read more »

Finding Your Happiness

Like many things in my life, it all began with a small conversations with one mesh injured woman. She knows I am very creative and she wanted to know how to bring back crushed silk flowers. I told her that … Read more »

How to Deal with Medical PTSD

I never cease to be amazed because of mesh complications and this blog about all the things I have learned that may possibly help other women. When I think I have learned it all, I learn more. I could say … Read more »