Do Not Have Bladder Sling Surgery

Please, I am begging you, if you find this blog and have not as yet had bladder sling surgery, DO NOT HAVE THIS SURGERY and make sure you notify your doctor of this in the exam room in front of a witness.  Why?  Because the results are devastating to many, many women and you don’t want this happening to you.  It is not a small number as the FDA has stated.  It is far worse than even I would ever have believed when I started this blog.

I didn’t start a blog for any other reason that I was so frustrated and felt terribly alone.  I was trying to prove to my surgeon that the mesh from day one was the cause of all my problems.  She didn’t believe me.  I spent many hours at night trolling the Internet to find the same symptoms I had, which at that time was not easy for one reason.  There had been a big lawsuit against Johnson and Johnson in 2008 and everything up there was about that particular mesh.  I didn’t even know I had something called mesh inside me.  I didn’t know what the key words were to search, so it took a long time in short intervals because like many women, I was in pain and sitting at a computer or sleeping was very difficult.

When I finally learned what I was dealing with, that yes the mesh was my problem, My research was shot down by my surgeon.  “No I wasn’t right”, “I was not knowledgeable on the subject” and I had got it all wrong”.  That’s what I dealt with and no help was available because I didn’t have insurance and had gone through my credit limit.

What mesh does to you is steal your normal, healthy life.  The symptoms are so varied and far too many to list, but if you suspect the mesh is causing your problems when no other answer has been given to you, then believe your instincts.  You are RIGHT!   Don’t be swayed or cajoled into believing you are an idiot and you don’t know your own body.  You know more than you think you do.  You are the ONLY one who really knows you!  So if you find this blog because you are searching for answers then I will do everything in my power to help you find the RIGHT doctor to remove it  The WRONG doctor can make you far worse if he/she does not have the right training.  Listen to your innermost thoughts.  You may love your doctor.  You may think that he/she is wonderful but you keep having problems and you are tried of living like it.  You want answers and it is your right to get them.  However, you have to understand that mesh complications is the biggest cover-up by surgeons and doctors.  Sadly it is all about money.  YOU, your body is worth money to them and they have mortgages and education debts to pay.  But we are talking about YOUR LIFE.  YOUR FUTURE!  You need a competent mesh removal doctor to survive this and have fewer surgeries.  Sadly for all of us, we will have more than one surgery to get us where we do not live in pain and can resume a NEW life.  We will not come out of this normal.  BUT we can get better!

Why do I know so much about this subject?  Women everywhere have contacted me and told me their terrible stories.  I have cried through many I have read.  You do not deserve to live in pain and a life with continuous surgeries.  If you haven’t had this surgery, please don’t!  If you have and don’t know here to turn and what to do about the mesh in your body, then I am here to help.

Women have trusted me with the knowledge that they have learned through good and bad doctors so that I can share with women who contact me.  I have teamed up with great women who want to help you and me.  You can leave a message on my blog and I will get back to you, or send me a direct email to the address supplied.  I am here for you!  I know how you feel!  I know your pain, anger and frustration.  You are not alone.

With Love.  Linda

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  1. You are so brave Linda to put the TRUTH out there for all to understand!

  2. I am 22 years old and my daughter just turned three. I just had my third surgery regaurding the mesh sling. It has consumed my life and has taken away precious time that mey daughter and i could have spent together.Linda,I am so glad that you have made this page in hopes for all to see. I deffinately agree with you on all the issues you have noted. It is very angering to deal with these surgeries. I would have rather lived with the problems I had then go through what I have and it only made things worse. Had I found a page like this before I had the surgery I would never have gotten it. It is PURE MISERY. I wanna thank you again for this page .I pray that it will help people to understand what a mistake mesh is.

    • I was out of hospital and in the hotel room at UCLA after I had full mesh removal by Dr. Raz and my daughter read your comment to me. I would be shocked but you are not the first very young woman with a child that they could not take care of because they are so ill by this implant. I am however very saddened by what has happened to you. I am now doing well and home and it has only been eleven days since my surgery. That is what happens when a great surgeon does this. I don’t know if you have the means to go out there but if you do, please do it so that you can be there for your daughter for many years to come. You are much too young to live like this. I send a big hug and all my support.

      • Hi, I was just given Dr. Raz name by my attorney said he was the best in the USA he also gave me this web site, and I found you, How are you doing now , has the pain gone away, can you do things now , shop without anyone can you drive you car at any time with out taking 2 day’s off morphine and percocet before you can go to next place that requires you to drive, I don’t want to have anymore surgery’s one Dr. Franzon up state NY say don’t have anymore surgery for you will have alot of scare tissue and that will hurt alot as well, but my attorney told me about this web site meshmedicaldivicenewsdesk and I found you. I live alone and can no longer work at all, I just got married – he live’s at his house and I at mine, got married because his younger daughter didn’t want us staying at his house not married , so I did plus gained another health ins. I no it sound really bad of what i did but I also thought because i was on medicare that this is why the Dr. went against my wishes not to use any mesh. but from the only 2 hours into these letters I’m finding out diff. So now will have to fill for Divorce , i’m just kidding my humor is that bold I don’t even understand myself anymore since this surgery I find my self so lost – I cry alot – i’m so along in this. I just became a christian last october 2012 and it helps sorry I’m ram-baling on, I also lost my only child to this ordeal – she can’t take me complaining all the time , crying. she will be 33 this october and stoped talking to me 7-2-2012 – so I have to things in my life that i keep track of months my pain, and how long it’s been since I’ve seen my only Daughter Jill

  3. 22!?? Good Lord. I’m so sorry. =(

    Linda is going to be off-line for a few weeks, while she is finally getting some help for herself ( In the interim, I told her I would try to help with her blog and make sure people knew that there are people who care and want to help. I’m not sure if you are new to this site or not… but, I do know you are SO not alone with how you feel. Mesh DOES rob us of so much! And, you are so young. I can’t imagine having a three year old while dealing with the pain of mesh complications. My kids are 15 and 10, and even that is hard. But, 3… ?? Ugh. Must be so hard. Unfortunately, more and more younger women are having problems.

    If you aren

  4. My doctor is sending me to urinologist?about wether I need a bladder sling. Help I am scared and rather just keep peeing then to have this. i am also suppose to get hysterectomy at the same time

    • You do not have to have a sling like this. You need to call around and find a doctor who can make a sling the old fashioned way IF you really need it. If your tissues are in good shape, you may only need a bladder tack. Make sure you really NEED a hysterectomy. Go to Hysterectomy Information on facebook or they have their own site The Hers Foundation. Before you have everything removed, you should make sure it is absolutely necessary. Once it is gone, everything will fall where it once was. Start researching before you jump in. Better to be safe than sorry. The doctors at UCLA put slings in made from your own tissue. This is the way it was done for many years until manufacturers came up with synthetic slings that cripple and destroy us. Doctors need to retrain. Look to the right hand side of this blog for the link Alternatives to Mesh. I cannot find doctors across the country because all my time is taken up with the complications of mesh surgery. You need to take that time and make sure you are safe. Do not think that getting your doctor to sign a paper that he/she won’t use mesh will work. I just wrote about a 26 year old woman who thought she was protected by a paper she got off another site. Sorry, doctors have leeway once you are under. You cannot assume, nor trust.

    • Get a second doctor’s opinion about the hysterectomy. I was told at 33 that I needed one and I got a second opinion that told me otherwise. Some doctors just do them for the money. The sling does not work! I have had it for years and I can’t wait to get it out. I have more problems now then I had before

  5. I have had the bladder mesh for years and the problems are huge. I want it out , in the process of looking for a good doctor in Maryland could you please help!

    • Cindy I can only tell you to bi-pass all other doctors and go to UCLA the first time. It will save you so much hell and pain. They are expert at removing it after many, many years. Others are not.

      • Listen to Linda…she will save you a small fortune in medical bills and a lot…And I do mean ALOT…of pain. Don’t torture yourself as many of us have been because we didn’t know any better…just go to UCLA the first time and do it right the first time!

  6. I am trying to get pass my anger to talk without cussing. I still read what women are saying, and doctors. I think it is great for the women that have got to a doctor and got the mesh removed and are doing better.

    You hear so many things , even about what I had done trying to have a doctor remove what is protruding out into vagina , and still protruding out after a try at removal. and more damage. I READ WHWERE THEY SAID NOT TO HAVE A DOCTOR DO A PARTIAL REMOVAL BY CLIPPING MESH PROTRUDING OUT.

    i still have questions, I know these companies are in America, but are there other countries that are making this mesh and sending the mesh here in America?

    Another question is, the women that have had it removed by dr raz, was their mesh just in front that was implanted? MY mesh implant over 4 years ago was in front and back as I was told, I believe it has got into my intestines and bowels, because since they tried to remove the mesh in vagina protruding out, other problems has come up with out of control bowels, ALSO MAYBE NERVE DAMAGE, BECAUSE i CANNOT TELL WHEN MY BLADDER EMTIES, UNLESS i HEAR IT HITTING THE WATER IN COMMODE, A NUMBNESS, IS THERE. (SORRY ABOT THE CAPS , NOT FELLING WELL TO CORRECT MY ERRS).


    i still have not got answers, I am talking with some women that might can intervene for me, and find out what happened in that surgery.
    I read on 1 web sight, where urologist are saying women do not trust them any more, THAT IS TRUE!, so many women were lied to, and trusted and were treated less than humans and suffered and will suffer , they have been sarcastic with me when i asked where the doctor was that did my surgery ,they answered he had to move with his horses, lied that he had left the state and more. and no one in the medical profession wanted to help me, not even give me anti biotics at times over 4 years.

    The companies did use women as guinea pigs testing their mesh. making billions..

    WOMEN HAVE DIED , i read maybe 7, from infections etc, Do they even know the count, like Mary, I read her story, she shared, after my surgery of trying to remove mesh, in november, in december and january, breathing problems started , no one wanted to touch me knowing about my mesh. I DID NOT BELIEVE i WOULD LIVE THROUGH THOSE 2 MONTHS, , BEGGING FOR ANTI BIOTICS , BEFORE BREATHING PROBLEMS STARTED AFTER SURGERY REMOVAL. .

    i APPRECIATED THE TRUTHFUL DOCTORS THAT TOLD THE TRUTH TO ME, WHEN THEY SAID i do not have the knowledge to remove the mesh. and they were urologist. Some even said they implanted the mesh still in women.
    Some also lied.

    I think more politicians need to get involve and find out what is going on with medical boards and doctors ands nurses in all states . There are some good doctors and nurses out there but they are hard to find,

    I would like to know if dr raz has removed mesh that has got into nerves and bowels and intestines and moved and is in other body parts of women? and if he was successful with removing the mesh in just one surgery? without more damage?

    • Peg. No one can tell you what can be done or repaired or guarantee results because you are so mesh injured. Call UCLA and make that appointment with Dr. Raz. If anyone can save you, he can.

    • Peg,
      I know how frustrated you feel. Many of us have been exactly where you are. Many of us have had both anterior And posterior mesh..and some of us have had more than one mesh kit put in without the other being removed properly. You are not alone! If there is anything you should get from this blog site it is that you are in the company of others unfortunately. Many of us have had erosions everywhere. I had mesh encasing my rectum by the time Dr. Raz got it out. He can help you or no one can. Of that I have no doubt! But you won’t know if he can help you or not if you don’t go and keep trying to help yourself. I was worried that I was too broken to be fixed too before I saw Dr Raz. I had so many tell me I was crazy or tell me the truth as they saw it which was that I was SCREWED! Dr. Raz met me with compassion, kindness, and answered all my questions. He gave me hope! He knows how damaged we all are. You absolutely must give him a chance to help you! You have no choice and no chance at regaining your help if you don’t. Good luck to you!

  7. Deborah Elmquist

    I had a T-Sling put in 3 years ago. About 4 months ago I began noticing something was different in my ability to void. Then what happened next got my attention. After sitting for an extended period of time I stood up and after walking for a few minutes extreme sharp pain like needles sticking inside my inner vaginal walls caused me to stop and hold on to my husband so I wouldn’t fall. After that more pain and now in the last month I have pain on the right side in the groin area and it shoots down my leg. I want it out now. Your blog makes me know I have to have the right physician remove it. I live in Florida and the Mayo clinic is within a two hour drive. Might start there. Any advise or perceptions about my symptoms?

    • Deborah I have a feeling your mesh is eroding and that is why the stabbing pain. I wish I could tell you where else to go, but my suggestion is UCLA in California.

  8. My name is Donna I had bladder mesh surgery Sep of 2010 and second surgery (erosion into vaginal wall in Nov 2010) I have had problems with abdominal pain, incontinence over all not feeling well at all. My surgeon made a incision right above clitoris and now I am unable to achieve orgasm has anyone had this same outcome and or results? I am only 52 must I live with this

  9. I am scheduled to have a rectocele, cystocele and total hysterectomy in 10 days and having mixed feelings. it is a grade 2 rectocele. I do not need to hysterectomy other than history of cancer in family and I do not need cystocele other than doctor says if I don’t get it done I will be back for it?? I am so confused. I really don’t want to have the rectocele done either but maybe I do need it before it gets worse? I am so ignorant and have been trying to school myself. Need help. Thank you!

  10. I am 48, healthy a personal trainer who has SUI and am scheduled to go in on the 31st of March for surgery and am seriously considering after reading all of this finding a therapist and treating my incontinence the natural way. Like I’d say to a client needing a quick fix for being out of shape….you have to work those muscles. Thank you for sharing and I’m so sorry for your troubles xo

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