Questions to ask BEFORE Mesh Removal

Over the past two years I have gathered information to share on my blog to help others in their endeavor to get well and I couldn’t have done this without the help of women across this country.    Their experience and knowledge has helped me understand what to do and who to choose for my own mesh removal later this summer.  Because I hear from many women who have gone to doctors who have lied to them about their removal, stating that they removed it all when they hadn’t, I asked a friend who had removal and reconstruction, if she would write down questions you should ask before you jump into surgery with any doctor.  She was wonderful and came up with this list.

Be aware that by not understanding mesh removal, you are at the mercy of doctors who will snip away a small piece and then tell you he/she removed it all, or you can wind up worse off than you were before removal.  If you need a list of doctors and support to get through mesh removal, we are here for you.  Please email me.

Here are the questions you need to ask.  DO NOT be afraid to ask them.  If your doctor acts offended or uncomfortable, then more than likely it is because he/she is not experienced in removal.  You cannot afford to be practiced on.  Your future and perhaps your life is at stake.

Do you remove the mesh completely?
How many have you removed?
Can you remove it off the bone?
Do you remove the arms, anchors?
What diagnostic equipment do you have ?  ( trans vaginal ultrasound that digitally shows the mesh, pelvic mri that shows degrees of prolapse/cystocele?) To understand what this equipment is, please read this blog.
How long is the recovery?
Can you repair and reconstruct me using my own facsia tissue graft within 6 months of removal if needed.
Do you agree a partial removal only leads to more problems?   
Also discuss the possibility of the partial removal.  It this is not what you want you can’t come out of the surgery not knowing.  Does he or she do only partial removals and does he or she understand the problems of cutting the mesh or leaving parts of the device in the deep tissues? This truly needs to be understood between your doctor and you to understand why mesh or parts may need to be left in VERSES the fact the doctor may not have the skill to remove it.  This way you can protect yourself from future surgeries.  You need to make sure you now you have options

What is done in my aftercare, catheter, pain management and follow ups?

Thank you Linda H for putting this list together.  I appreciate it very much.
Update.  For new information click here

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  1. Thanks for this vital information. I will print this and put it in a safe palce to take when I go to my dr visit next month. I pray they can help me. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. I can only feel for the ladies who have had this pain for yrs and only been told “it’s not the mesh.”
    I was told by this butcher, who did this to me, tell me, “it’s not the mesh, it’s not the one that has been recall.” If I only knew the whole story of the 510k I could of unloaded on him with both barrels. Again THANK YOU !

    • I don’t blame you one bit. I am noticing more and more changes in my own situation and I need to get this out of me. Listen to what is in your head. If it doesn’t feel right, go elsewhere.

    • I am sitting here at work reading all these post about bladder slings. I had my surgery in 2009. I was very happy for about 9 months then it started. I have spent thousands of dollars ( with insurance) to try to solve my misery. I hurt every day of my life. Some days so bad that I end up in the ER because over the counter meds are just not covering it. Last year 4 times I went. Then, I requested my medical records from the hospital and had to read that the doctors thought I was a pill junkie and couldn’t find anything wrong. Went to my primary care doctor and she laughed at me. YES LAUGHED at me. I went back to my OBGYN that performed the surgery she assured me that wasn’t my problem. I keep at UTI. I hurt so bad most days I cannot eat. I am afraid I take so much Ibuprofen that I have damaged my heart. I honestly do not want to go to another doctor. I do like being laughed at. I suffer daily. My kids suffer because Mommy don’t feel well. It is horrible. The best way i can describe my pain is it feels like I am in full about to give birth LABOR. I do not have my periods anymore but I bleed all the time. I have nerve damage down the front of my right leg. Feels like someone stabbing me all the time. Most days it is all i can do to work. I have thought about disability but, I enjoy my job. I just cope the best I can most days. I went to doctor about a year ago and he said oh this is an easy fix. I can just clip clip and you will be fine. I never went back. I am so afraid for anyone to do anything. I have heard the horror stories from other women. If I am worse off after surgery than I am now, I will not be able to work or take care of my family. It takes every ounce of life I have in me to do it now. I have just started noticing some changes that I think it is getting worse. I believe it has started affecting my bowels as well. I am going to see Dr. Foote in Atlanta on Friday. I will update and let you ladies know what I find out when I go. Maybe she will have the answers.

  2. Had the sparc sling put in Dec. 2009. Was fine for 9 months. Then, one day felt like a high heel was being crammed down my vaginal vault. Not an infection or intersitital cystitis. Lower 2/3s of uretha hurts and have constant frequency and urgency. Have seen 13 doctors. Had a surgery for a prolapse cervix and vaginal vault. I think this caused the problem. Had the surgery, coded (out so long turned grey, but amazing have deficients, but not as severe as you would think). I use gelique (not spelled correctly) and sancturia. Sancturia is better for the frequency, but I use the second because both cause constipaton. Sancturia is the worse. I use 5% gel lidocaine (3X/day) and premarin at night. I get trigger point injections into my vaginal vault every 3 weeks. Pain is still unbearable. Everyone says the slling is find. Can’t find a doctor who takes slings out. Live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  3. The doctor who put my sling in has been wonderful. I had it done in 2009. I have since had 2 repairs for erosion, the last being done in November of 2011. I went back today (3/12/12) and it has eroded again. We spoke during a post-op visit in December and I asked what would happen if it eroded again. He said that he would send me to Madison (WI), to a specialist who specialized in the bladder sling removal. Today he verified that will be our plan of action. He said that they can help figure out what we will do for the incontinence, how we will keep my bladder up, etc. So I have been living with a lot of pain and bleeding, especially with intercourse. I am a newlywed, so this has been a bummer! But hey, I’m 52, I’m heavy, but I have a wonderful husband who loves me. It is hard everyone, but keep your chin up!! Hopefully, everything comes out okay. I’ll update sometime in the future.

    • I live in Madison, I am having surgery this month to have my mesh removed. Do you have the Dr’s name that your Dr was going to send you to? I sure hope it’s the Dr I’m having do my mesh

      • Did you have your mesh removed and how are you doing? What do they replace it with?

        • Karen many women do not need it replaced because scar tissue kept the bladder up. I had fascia sling surgery done because the mesh had cut through my urethra, That is a sling using my own tissue.

      • Hi Robbin I am in need of a Dr who knows about the bladder sling removal. Could you please tell me the name of the Dr you went to. Were you happy with him/her?

  4. Georgia Conrad

    Things are beginning to add up for me after way too many years. I had bladder sling surgery in the late 90s. I KNEW nothing about it but trusted my Dr. He made it sound so simple. My problem began because of having a hysterectomy at 26–but 40, my bladder had dropped. So the sling surgery sounded like my way to have a normal life again. Within months of having it put in, I was back in the hospital because a piece of it had eroded into my bladder causing pain and blood in my urine. The Dr made it sound like it was no big deal, they *fixed it* and I was on my way. I have since had pelvic pain–some days worse than others–been back to several specialists who all wanted to do more surgery which I refused. My bladder problems are worse than ever. The pain, while not unbearable, is pain nonetheless and shouldn’t be there. I told one Dr it hurt to push around the pelvic area and he joked and said, don’t push there then and laughed. I don’t know if it has been too long for me to get something done at this point, but it is so frustrating to know we had stuff put into our bodies and it was never fully explained to us. I always thought it could be removed easily if there was ever a problem. I just recently saw this recall and started doing some surfing when I came up with tons and tons of stories like mine and many much worse.

  5. Sorry, I am not insane. My server had a fault, so it printed 3 times. Just came back from the tulane doctor. She is a no go The injections today were so painful, worse than usual. But this time she injected my uretha to see what that will do. Still bent over, bleeding, and clotting, but by tomorrow it will be better.

    She said she can’t feel my mesh on a pelvic, so I’m afraid it is imbedded. She said she never removes the entire sling. She removes the mesh only as far up as she can feel. So, she leaves the arms and what’s left of the mesh.

    She wants me to go to pelvic physical therapy which I already did. It was a total use. She also said chronic pain patients should walk and do what ever exercise they can. It increases your endorphins, natural pain killers, and it keeps you from stiffing up. She said do the treadmill twice a day for 20 minutes. I did do it once for 20 minutes 2 days in a row, and it deep seem to help. I’m also going to try and build up to yoga (increases the dopine in your brain-good for depression) and pilates. Of course, this may be just pipe dreams, but have to try something.

    • I had hoped to help you by sending you to a true mesh removal surgeon, which entails going out of town of course because none are in your area. When you listen to these doctors who offer partial removal, pain management and other therapys, you are putting yourself at risk for immune diseases such as lupus and kidney disease. You have written here that these may be pipe dreams and YES THEY ARE. I think you are making a huge mistake but it is your right to choose. When you know about mesh complications, NO amount of walking is going to ease your pain. Frankly her advice is BULL…. You have to help yourself and demand the right treatment. I can’t do it nor can anyone else. If your husband can’t go, get a friend to go with you to a mesh removal specialist. However, he should really be your true partner in this matter.

      • Are there any doctors in North Carolina that do the true mesh removal surgery? I need one asap. THank You

        • I just answered this for another desperate woman. This is what I said.

          When I began trying to work with a list of doctors who could remove the mesh, I was like many. I believed there had to be specialists all over the country and it was just a matter of time finding them. I had a list of doctors who had trained with Dr. Raz at UCLA at some point and that gave me hope because I knew what he was doing for women. So I passed the list to those who asked and asked them to please stay in touch to let me know how their consultations were and if they chose to go through with surgery to let me know how they did. We had compiled a list of questions they should ask before surgery so that they understood their doctor

        • I just had complete removal of mini arc precise mid-urethral sling yesterday 8/5/13 at Duke Urogynecology at Patterson Place in Durham NC. Dr. —– did a wonderful job and is a very compassionate Dr. Please get it out as quickly as possible. It is adhereing to your own tissue and the longer it stays in the harder it is to remove. My Dr. removed the anchors also. I had a Total LAVH with modified McCall culdoplasty and removal of right ovary and also placement of mini arc precise midurethral sling for SUI on 6/19/13. I have already had excision of sling due to urinary difficulty from sling being too tight, pinching, burning and stabbing pains in groin, vagina and down the insides of both thighs. Worst experience in my life. I believe pelvic mesh should be outlawed. I would have never allowed it if I had known this was being used. I have attained an attorney. My original doc said I would feel like superwoman and be able to jump on trampoline with my kids with no urine leakage…BIG FAT LIE! I was never informed it was plastic or of any complications. Only learned of complications after googling mini arc off my hospital papers. Never had a clue at what this stuff has done to so many women. So glad this mesh mess is out and hopefully the “kicked in the groin” feeling will resolve with healing. Good luck to you and I hope you can get your removal done asap. Take care!

      • My mother-in-law, 79, lives in Houston and is having Marlex mesh issues (put in nearly 20 years ago). She is scheduled to go to a urologist on Thursday and I’ve sent her your information from this blog. I live in the Los Angeles area, and have told her she can stay with us while seeing Dr. Raz but she thinks she will find a doctor there in Houston. Is there any way you can either call her to talk to her, or possibly email her to discuss trying to find a local doctor? It’s very hard for someone her age to think about surgery, let alone a surgery that is out-of-state. Even if her son and daughter-in-law are located there. Thanks for any help you can give.

        • I am going to send you Dr. Raz email and although it may seem helpless for her, it isn’t. The fact that you are offering her a place to stay during recovery is half the battle. I will send you my phone number. No one should touch her except those at UCLA. It could be detrimental to her living if the wrong doctor gets hold of her.

      • I would like to get a list of specialist doctors for this in San Diego. I have seen a doctor for either just removal or removal and the sling which uses your own tissue, but do not know if this doctor is qualified. I have erosion and need something done soon as there are other health issues.

  6. Julie Torchetti

    I had this surgery in 2007. After years of similair symptoms others are reporting, I started my long journey to get educated and get this out of me. Funny thing, (well not really funny) when I called today for an appointment with my regular OB/GYN, I amazingly got an appt. to see him in 4 days. I called the Urogynogologist that did the surgery for the date and where the surgery was performed and got an appt to see him very soon also!! When I told the receptionist I was having problems with “the mesh”, she was VERY nice to me. I will be 59 yrs old in July, had to go on permanent disability from my job as a Registered Nurse due to several health issues. Who knows what has been related to “the mesh”, but I WILL NOT take NO for an answer from anyone!! God Bless all of the women going through this!! Never give up! Hugs!

    • That is key. Never give up getting the right kind of treatment. This is not easy because many put mesh in and few can remove it without injuring you further. Educate yourself. Everything I learn I share with YOU. All you have to do is ask.

  7. My life has not been the same since I got this mesh sling. I applied for disability back in 2009. They messed up with the paperwork. Right now I need a list of mesh removal Specialist. I need them to accept medical lien from my attorney. I cannot get health insurance, I am pre existing now. I have no money. I was lucky yesterday and found out about the medical lien. I desperately need help!!!! I have been in pain since 2006 I am nowhere near being the same person that I use to be. I cannot work or hold your grandchildren well there is so many things that I cannot do….. does anyone know anything about doctor Moore and dr. Miklos office located in alpharetta, ga….. please let me know something about these doctors because I need to call and setup an appointment asap

    • Thank you for leaving your comment. If there were 10% of doctors who could successfully remove the mesh as there are who are putting it in, we would all be better off. However, that is not the case. I have been trying to gather information to give women more choices, but there are so few. This is also why it is important that you tell every woman you meet never to have this surgery in the first place. One doctor told a lady that these slings are not designed to be removed. Nice to know AFTER the fact. Would any woman agree to this if removal from complications was NOT an option. I think not.
      As for recommending Dr Moore and Miklos. The do laparascopic surgery which can be good to remove some mesh, but not all. This means you have to ask all the questions. Can and do they remove the arms/anchors? I don’t think this can be done with this method. Also if you have any mesh on the colon, stuck to the spine or bones, you have to go to a different type of surgeon of which I only know of one in the world. So what we are learning is that first you must call and ask questions over the phone and ask a nurse to write them down and then call you back with the answers. This will save you precious resources such as time and money. Then you need to read your hospital operative report to find out how much mesh you have and what it was used for. Google can help you answer some of these questions. Often women have a sling and other mesh used for a different reason. You need to know the name of the sling, if it has arms/anchors. If it is TVT, TVT-O, mini arc or other. There are so many. I was told that laparascopic surgery does not work on TVT-O. I wish there was only one mesh and simple answers, but there isn’t. Not only does it complicate finding a doctor, but the wrong removal for your sling can cause more complications. Don’t rush into surgery because you are in pain. I know this sounds terrible, but it could make you far worse and you may wish you had never been to this doctor. This is why I don’t put a list up here. You have to get yourself educated about your sling before you can get help.

      • She is right no matter your fears to ask certain questions di it anyway. Find that strenght Inside you that all of us women have. I never knew I did but low and behold I have held on in the short life of 31 years and allways found my inner strenght when I needed it. We have babies for crying out loud, get rapped, torturex, taken for granted, forgotten and left behind but in the face of those I have found my strenghth and sometimes after! You hbave it too to ask your questkons. Yesterday I had my choice to make with no insurance money or medical leans to have the dr who placed my sling 6 weeks ago do a two way approcte to remove it. I got the corage from inside me to ask him some of Linda’s questions. I know 6 weeks has no comparasin in time compaRed to some of you who have suffered for years but to me its seems a life time with hope somwere at tbhe end because my God allways comes thru only when he deems it fit. I look at this as my punishment for all the sins I commetted in my short life and those done to me.but be strong because your a women!! When I get home I will post here a poem of unknown origin which I have altered some but is perfect for us. But back to mezsh removal….. I will not find out till my dr comes to speak to me this morning what he di or how much he took out. I am not as confident in him as I once was because this is the 3rd surgery in 6 weeks. We waitted 3 and a half for the sling revision because he said quuote for quote that the sling anchors had to be fully attached to my insides before h can snip a small piece of mesh off to loosen my urithra and this would then majicly fix my bladder issus and I would pee again.instead he sniped a piece left the rest unatached and had to also remove an iud birth control that should have been removed from there during the first damn surgery and fix a rectul ttear because it tore thru to my vagina and wazs causing diareah to come out the wrong side.but anyway I now found out the arms or anchors he told me wrap around my bones that yes slings are very hard to remove because after a revision. Surgery and even without one they tend to move and he will have to find it all but that the tendens and nerve endings were not located near my arms\anchors but the entire process was much harder then putting it in. That I knew but made me feel better to have him be truthful and tell me it. He said that was a good question that a double approch will be easer for him to get most all of it if not all and if he can’t he will go back in again to fix it and remove the rest..not good there. The pain I feel now is the same kinds as before with the new suture sites and my inters total messed withh moved cute sewed aside and cute on like somenes christmas ham. The entire pain plus all the new pain is now knocking me for a loop. People may say and most of us here won’t , that 6 weeks I should be fine that pain should be managable or gone and so should infections and I should be using the bathroom.. most are men and some women and loving my mom to death and thanking the lorxd for her each night , she is one of them because she doesn’t understand and can not deal with illnesses other then her own real and imagined haha. I am interested to see what my dr says today but he allready stated pain would be worse for sometime longer then before and if it went smoothly so will recovery take weeks including a low movement bed rest for two weeks. Maybe it worked maybe not idk and my hope in him is weak he admitted only removing 1 mesh sling here and about 15 or so else where which was no comfort but no choice either. Be strong ladies keep your heads high even when it hurts the worset aNd thank you so much for just being my friend thru this for I do not have 1 single women friend. God bless you and my prayers will go to hou also

        • Please understand that no sins you committed should cause you this pain. Sins have nothing to do with what has happened to you. Mesh caused your pain and ignorance by those who refuse to believe women. All I know is you are in jeopardy without the right help. Please keep fighting to get onto full disability so that one day you can go to Dr Raz at UCLA. I don’t know of anyone else who can fix you after this. You have friends here, remember that.

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  9. I had a vaginal hystereactomy with a posterior repair using gynemes and TVT obturator on 02/10/2005 and since 05/05/12 I had chronics infections with E.coli, poor quality way of life, depresion, left job, pain during sexual intercourse. etc., etc., I was with out insurance since that surgery. The Doctor who did this surgery wanted dto put me in self-catherization I refuse to do it he said because I had retention y my bladder (that I did not had befor the operation) right now I had start fro o with another Doctor and he was thinking on the same option and again refuse. I had been for the last year staying for long terms in the bathroon waiting to get the last drop of urine< had been under all type of antibiotics wich so many time I become resistant, my primary doctor has the same opinion that the cause is the mesh and had some other patiens with the same problem but with the advice of the Doctors she has visit of not removing the mesh just like they say tome.
    All these comments that I had read had return to me some hope, can please mention doctors that can remove this professionaly, thanks to every one

  10. Erosion of mesh into vaginal canal. I do have the one on recall. I didnt realize this erosion can happen time and again. I went from my surgeon who sent me to another Dr that removes sling did 4 urodynamics expensive testing before the surgeon actually took a look and seen then immed sent me over to have part of it removed. I do have relief already the surgery was very simple..but I pray this is the end of it..this has gone on sine 2010…my husband has also been very unhappy..scared..beware I will tell allladies not to have it done…

    • You should realize that none of the mesh slings have been recalled. All are under scrutiny because of complications. Removing part of it is the problem because you will need surgery after surgery and long time problems can cause deep tissue infection. When this happens, women are in agonizing pain. The only way to improve is for it to be removed totally without delay. Leaving it could kill you these infections no longer respond to antibiotics.

      • She is right partial removal will eventually cause you more and more internal problems. The pain will be unbearable.I had removal supposedly yesterday but dought it fixxed my bladder issue or my pain.instead he went inthru a c-section incesion only larger and made larger outer vagina incesions were the older ones were telling me that the pain and recovery IF it fixed me will still take a Longer time then the original pop and sling incerstion because he had to go down infront of my uttefrous without damaging it find the sling parts he could remove then gp thru the vaginal openning move around everything there and remove a permanat mesh sling allread fixed itzself to my bones tendens skin muscles orgins and nerves in this short period of time. Seriously he has enough experience placing and prazing thbe mezshb he used with his so called 100% non damaging effects but not enough experience removing them

        • I am so sorry this has been done to you but thankful you wrote it here. This is because this goes on every day and these doctors continue putting them in women without telling them of the complications and permanent situation once mesh is in you. I know you do not have money to go elsewheere and you are stuck, but before you let this man touch you again, be careful. The more damage he does with these surgeries, the more permanent it will be. I know since your sling was put in 6 weeks ago, this is the 3rd sugery you have had to try to fix you. Not good enough. He should be ashamed.

  11. Ok, I had a hysterctomy in 1999, and a mesh sling put in. I have had chronic urninary infections, and other stuff.I don’t know what to do. I had this done in California, and I now live in AZ.

    • Get an appointment with Dr Raz at ucla. Check out my last blog to understand why.

    • I have read all of these women talking about their mesh, and what they are going through. bernia mentioned her chronic infections.


      I am so weak , that my immune ststem id one , anti bioics do no good, NOW after trusting a doctor in tennessee to remove, more infections throughout my body since november 12, 2012. now in my lungs and anibiotic I have been given for over a month are doing nothing, and the doctor and nurses lied to me in nashviille, the mesh is still protruding out, and they will not see me again, because i got angry, calling ti get an anti biotic after surgery it took days , and wind up in hospital locally, fighting infections, in lungs.
      i do not, neither will doctors and nurses in nashville even talk about their lies they told me, that they were going to remove the mesh protruding out in my vaginia. IT WOULD BRING THE WRATH OF GOD OUT , AFTER 4 YEARS OF SUFFERING AND DYING GETTING WEAKER AND NO ANSWERS. i know i cannot live long as I HAVE BEEN KEPT ALIVE BY ANTI BIOTICS. .
      i do not have the money to pay for help , as i have got so weak i cannot even stay in a store long enough to get food, and even do minor clean and chores around my house. no tennessee politician will do anything as i have called and told all of them off too.
      I have nothing for pain, and my pain and now breathing I AM SIITING FOR HOURS AT NIGHT GASPING FOR BREATH AND WASHING MOUTH WITH MANY RAGS TO KEEP PHLEME AFTER INFECTIONS i got after surgery , to long with anything to fight infections.

      how about a mercy shot , I DO NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU OTHER QWOMEN BUT i AM AT THAT POINT, THAT A MERCY SHOT WOULD BE MOST WELCOME TO GET ME OUT OF MY PAIN and it is getting worse. please help me.

      america shows mercy for animals in pain, suffering, and not humans? why?
      4 years ago , when i had the mesh surgery did I EVER THINK i would be in the health condition I am today fighting so many infections being lied to and dying.
      I think a mercy shot for those suffering from the mesh and anti biotic so many in 4 years have done nothing and mesh still protruding out, I want out of my pain , please , I DO NOT WANT TO SUFFER AS i AM AND DIE THIS WAY, WITHOUT SOMEONE THAT WILL SHOW MERCY. i have nothing but asprin for pain and believe me it is not enough.

  12. I wish I had found this blog sooner…I’m recovering from sling removal right now. I’m doing ok so far but now I’m scared from reading these posts that say I may have to have it done again. It’s taken me 4 years from the initial hysterectomy where the sling was put in, to have Dr’s believe me that it was causing me severe pain! I’ve seen 3 different gyno’s, had physical therapy, acupuncture, etc…I’m so distraught over this whole thing. It’s affected intimacy with my husband (although my husband is very loving and caring)…but who is able to enjoy lovemaking when someone is asking “are you ok?” The guy that did the removal is a gynecological urologist and I’m hoping this will be it! Has anyone on here ever thought about the lawsuits that you keep seeing on TV? I have never in my life sued anyone for anything, but I have been through hell and $$$$$$ because of this crap, and after hearing that the slings were never actually tested, maybe this will get more action and warnings out to people. I don’t know – I am emotionally and physically beat!

    • I am sorry for how you feel and what you are going through now. It is not my aim to put you through more of this, my aim was so that women knew what to ask before removal surgery. This is because I know women who have gone through many partial removals and they get very emotionally drained as well as physically as well as continue to live in pain. However saying this, you now know what to ask when you go back for post op visists. Print the questions out and ASK what you do not know, or are afraid of knowing. You need to know if he removed it ALL. Many doctors remove a few centimeters because they think it will give you relief. It does short term for some. Others not. You need to know if he removed the arms/anchors. You need that translabial ultrasound to find out for sure and I know of only one doctor you can trust. The one I am going to for removal. You can read my blog from when I went for consultation in June 2012.
      Although this is very scary for all of us, you cannot stay scared and not answer these questions. It will eat you alive, not to know what is left inside of you. I wish I could tell you that doctors tell women the truth about what they remove or don’t remove. Many do not or they think not telling is okay. I wish you well and hope your recovery is a good one. The other way you will know if your doctor removed it all is how you will do over the next year. Generally women know if they go into recovery without more symtoms. Sometimes different symptoms than before removal.

      • Thank you so much. I did wonder if he removed the portion that was anchored to my inner thighs…I will ask. I pray that your health will be returned to you.

        • It would have been anchored to both sides of your pelvice. Differently slings have different anchors. Most surgeons will not remove the anchors because they do not know how.

          • Does Dr Raz at UCLA do that? That’s a lot of surgery and a long way to travel. Are you traveling all the way from Texas?

  13. Yes, he removes everything unless something will endanger you from walking in the future or of course life threatening. The tests the day before with translabial ultrasound tell him where the mesh is so that he does not go in blind. That is why he is better than most doctors. Most go in and can’t even find the mesh.
    You have to understand why I chose him. I have listened to so many women over two years tell me what happened to them by going to other doctors. Partial removal after partial removal, with many, many surgeries. Then I listened to those who went to him. How you will fair after removal will of course be because of many things. How many partial removals will you have had before you go to him. How many mesh do you have inside you. Yes I do mean how many. Some women have two and far more and you will find that information on your hospital reports. The doctor will not give that to you so it is a waste of time asking. It also depends on how the mesh has attached itself to you organs over time. I know a wonderful woman who had mesh all over and it had attached itself to her spine, causing extreme agonising headaches. She was told it was impossible to remove it. She found me and went to Dr Raz and he did. She feels he saved her life. She lives in Washington State. Yes we all travel a long way to see him, but you have to understand we want to do the best we can for our future. The outcome remains to be seen but he is our hope for the future. We all would rather someone like him would be on our doorstep, but they are not. That’s when you say to your family that it is your turn. Your turn to need their care, love and understanding to help you get there to him.

  14. I had a Gynecare TVT-O mesh put in 2008. I drove 4 hours to a specialist and gave him my symptoms and he did a vaginal exam on me and pulled on the mesh and said its right there and there isnt any problems with it. HOW in the world can he tell that there are no problems with it. I said but intercourse is painful, he told me that I probably have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and if I get that taken care of that sex wont hurt. He said he could take the one I have and put another mesh in a different way. But he didnt see any problems. I am frustrated that I cant get anyone to listen to my problems. I dont have insurance and I dont know where else to turn. Does anyone know of any doctors that will take this out!!!! I will travel out of state I dont care …can anyone help. I live in Carthage Missouri.

    • Hey Michelle, my name is Diane and I live near you in Hannibal Mo. I’ve had vaginal erosion from an Ethicon TVT sling for 4 years and my doctor here let me think I was the only one in the world….for 4 years. I started a lawsuit and discovered he had NEVER ONCE mentioned the mesh erosion in my medical records, even tho I have seen him over and over asking what could be done.
      I, therefore, had to find a specialist to document the mesh was eroded. I met with Dr Veronikis in St Louis (just google him) and really like him. It’s a blessing I was forced to find someone like him as the mesh is infected and must come out. He said he sees women from a 10 state region.
      I’m not sure about your no insurance situation, you would need to ask about that. I will need multiple surgeries that will be quite expensive even with insurance. And he told me I will be “better” but never like before the surgery. Great. He seemed like a great doctor, although I’m not having the first surgery until January for insurance reasons.
      I hope you get this message and it’s helpful.

      • Please be sure of the type of mesh you have in you to see if it has anchors/arms and how difficult it is to remove before you trust the word of any doctor. Hence the questions. Many women have asked them and although they got quick answers at first, their doctors became uncomfortable when pressed if they actually can remove it all and what their experience is. You should also understand that how long the surgery takes is also to do with their skill. I know women who have almost died from bleeding and the mesh was never completely removed. I also know a woman who had hers removed and it took two surgeries, twelve hours in all. Mine took two and during that time Dr. Raz untangled it from my major nerves without causing me more damage and he rebuilt my urethra because the mesh had cut into it. So remember every woman’s case is different. All I am trying to do is inform women that it is rare for a doctor to have the experience to remove it at one time without damage to you. What you choose to do because someone is more convenient to your area, is up to you. We are grown women and all I want to do is inform and you make the choices.

  15. Oh, I’m so sorry, Michelle. I’ve been through what you are going through. It’s taken 4 years for someone to listen to me, and still, the specialist only removed part of the mesh. Sunday after church – which is the most I’ve stood since the partial removal on the 24th – I had the same stabbing, burning pain on my left pelvic area. I could push on the area when the pain is that bad and feel right where it is; it sends me through the roof! So, now I don’t even know if the problem has been resolved. I go for post-op appt today and will print the questions and ask the Dr.. I’m hoping for the best, and that he will be straight with me. I went to my primary care yesterday and he asked me how I was feeling post-surgery. I said that Sunday was awful and he said, let’s try to be positive and hope for the best…how sick I am of hearing that! You be in my pelvis and say that! I wish you the best, Michelle, and hope you get your problem taken care of.

  16. I know I have to be the barer of really bad news and I hate it, but until it is all out of you, you will not get well. If you have insurance and the means, go to Dr Raz at UCLA. You will be glad you did. Not only will he listen but he will act and you will not have to prove anything to him. He sees women like us all day long. Read my post end of June 2012 to get all details.

  17. i had the mesh put in in 2009, i am suffering so much. the nerve pain is un barrable. i have seen several drs. no one wants to admitt its the mesh. i am currently seeing a new dr. on the east coast. She her thought is that i have pelvic myalsia. I know its the mesh causing this. this week is my 1st.ultra sound. she can’t believe noone has wanted me to have one until now. I had the mesh altered once. thank you for the list of questions. I was so relieved to see them. I had no idea that partical removal was so bad. do you have the names of any dr. in the northeast who do removals.

    • I wish I could give you a refferal but we have found out from others that we are very limited. Normal ultrasounds do not show anything but if she emails Dr Raz at UCLA he will explain how to read a translabial ultrasound because that is what Dr Raz uses to detect where the mesh is and what is going on. If she cannot do that because no one has the training in the hospital, (this is happening more often that not) please book and appointment with Raz as soon as possible and do anything you can to get there. Women need to know that they deserve to get their lives back. Check the blog about my consultation with him, that I wrote at the end of June. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  18. I am looking for a doctor in Ohio. I would love to go to Dr. Raz but right now that is financial impossible. I do have insurance, but I could not afford travel expenses and hotel stays. If not in Ohio I do have family in Lexington, Ky. So that would also work for me. Thank you

    • I am sorry but after two years of doing this, I know of only one doctor who can help you and that is Dr. Raz. You have to figure out how to get the expenses. Other women have done it when they thought it was impossible. Borrow from family with condition you will pay them back. Do a fund raiser such as sell plates of food and get a church to do this for you. Time to ask everyone. You will never know what you can do unless you try.

  19. I had a bladder mesh repair January, 2010 with Bard Avaulta and have had mesh erosion removed 3 times. I was also told I was fine. My husband described sex with me as a cheese grater. The sharp area was removed, and now I’ve been upgraded to an old ripply carpet. Consequently, neither of us are interested in sex, as it is horribly painful for me too. My doctor asked if I ever liked sex. Another doctor said it can’t be that hard to get someone to have sex with me so he can see if it my pelvic pain is truly as bad as I’ve said. 2 doctors and a physical therapist told me I need a hip replacement, as the pelvic pain runs down my leg. The orthopedic said no. My insurance called and asked if I was on hospice or have cancer or heart problems, as I go to the doctor so much. I think I may have found a doctor who can help me at a university hospital, who treats this problem. The other doctors kept saying it is fine and the problem is over (men). However, I am worried about your comments about partial mesh removal, as it is supposed to be impossible to remove all the mesh without damaging organs. I decided 2 weeks ago that I want it removed, and it is major. It’s scary and depressing not to know. I am sick of the pain.

    • You would not be the first woman to be told about hip replacement. I am the same as you and so are MANY more. It is a rare doctor who can remove all the mesh and almost all cannot. Go to Dr Raz the first time. Drs will tell you it is impossible because they do not know how. I know many women who have had it ALL removed by Raz. Your insurance would send you willingly because it is cheaper to send you to him than keep doing this over and over again, let alone the damage partial removals cause that Dr Raz cannot fix.

  20. Do you have a lawyer who is representing you? I have a friend who had a bladder sling put in and now has infection all through her body. After researching and reading your blog I had her call Dr. Raz for an appointment. We will travel to UCLA in November. I am trying to find her a lawyer to get compensation to cover expenses. Do you know of a good lawyer?

    • This blog has never been a place for discussion of lawyers. It is a safe haven for women to learn about their own condition, share with others what has happened to them and ask other questions. I am so happy you led your friend to UCLA. I will say this. She must be compensated for all the expenses and her future. Many women have more than one mesh and it is not always easy to remove. UCLA is the best place to go. I will send you a private email and try to help you.

  21. I am scared, after almost 4 years of suffering with mesh protruding out in vagina and pain, infections.and more. I am scheduled for removal. Is there going to be more damage removing the mesh? I had front and back mesh placed. and have also had problems not just in vagina area.
    The sometimes cruelty of doctors and nurses for 4 years, has been enough to make anyone not trust anyone in medical field again. but I do know that they are not the ones that lied to me about the miracle mesh sling. but no medications for pain , nauseation that is severe at times. weakness.

    I know this doctor has done this surgery before , I have seen him twice. I get the sense of not caring from doctors. I do have to ask what has hormone cream got to do with mesh being removed./ I have used tubes of this and , I THINK IT IS ANOTHER WAY OF NOT ANSWERING QUESTIONS NEEDED TO BE KNOWN BEFORE BEING PUT TO SLEEP AGAIN , WITH THIS MESH.



    Please women who have had the mesh removed , tell what you went through afterwards, Was it worth having the mesh removed, did infections stop? pain? bleeding/ or just more damage? Did your weakness go away to where you could do your work as you did before the mesh. what are we fighting with infections and bacteria, in our body? I want to know!

    • You are right. Why are we fighting infections. No one answers these questions and no one tackles the truth about partial removals. I do not know what your situation is or where you are. I do know many woman contact me after partial mesh removal with more pain whether it is soon after or a year later. This is why I can no longer offer any doctors other than those of UCLA. There are three of them. Read my blog ‘So much hope for mesh removal surgery‘ date August 28th 2012. Dr. Raz is very booked up these days and the wait is long, but two others there are extremely clever. Watch the video about one of them. You have to make the sacrifice and choice about going out of State but guessing whether a doctor has all the skills will make things worse, not better, will land you in trouble. I will have mesh removal by Dr. Raz in three weeks time after waiting for Medicare two and a half years. I have written blogs about going there, costs etc. I share with you to give you a better future.

  22. Thank you so much for your information. This November will be two years since I had a hysterectomy and mesh performed. I have never had a yeast or any kind of infection before this surgery and since then I have had both. I still have my ovaries so its not that. My doctors have put me on diflucan1 once a week, 3 a week then they found out I had an infection. They have done the apple cider, boric acid NOTHING has worked. The team has consulted a infection control MD supp. that were 2,000.00 and an antibiotic that isnt even carried because the infection is so rare, then some paint that gave me 2nd degree burns inside and out only to wake up today to find out its back. I almost started to cry. My Dr. said the only thing to do is put a PIC line in an put me in the hospital for massive antibiotics. Im a nurse and I cant imagine how in the world you can take the mesh out, everthing has grown around it. Has anyone had this happen to them?? PLEASE HELP ME!!

    • It can be removed but ONLY by those who understand how to remove it all. Partial removal will only leave you worse off. Three surgeons at UCLA do this all the time. There is a blog I wrote titled A Light in a Night of Mesh Complications that I just wrote on 27th September 2012. It will give you great hope because it is a story about a woman who went there after being told it was impossible to remove it. She was an athlete. You can get well. I am going to send you a private email.

  23. I have been suffering for 15 years and not knowing why. I had a bladder repair done around 1993/4. I don’t know if the doc is still around, can’t remember his name, trying to get it. I have all the symptoms described and never even considered there may be a foreign substance in my body. Our sex life went south almost immediately after the surgery but thought it a complication from an auto accident, and all the other symptoms as well. Now considering this possibility. Is there a product registry of mesh manufacturers that I might be able to find out if my doc was using it? Any ideas welcome, God bless you for this blog.

    • You brought up such a sore subject for me. There is nothing, no records at all for any medical implants to find out what is in your body. BUT you can change things. First you have to go to the hospital where the sugery was done and get the notes that tell you what is in you. You don’t need all the other stuff. I wrote a blog to help you and it is titled How to “Report to the FDA” January 14th 2011.

  24. I just realized after posting that it has been nearly 20 years I’ve been battling this nightmare and not even sure this is the problem. It took ten years just to get pain management that doesn’t work all the time. I can’t wait to hear of your success. God bless you.

    • Please do everything you can to go out to UCLA. You are not the first lady who has been suffering so long and Dr.Raz is your only hop after all this time. The week after my surgery he will remove mesh from a woman who has been battling this twelve years. There is hope for you, but please do something now. What you will do is show the FDA that this product is DANGEROUS in women.

  25. I had my consultation with Dr. Raz, and scheduled surgery with him in January 2013 (that was the earliest I could get in). I am from upstate NY, but decided it was in my best interest to travel there.

    I went to several local doctors, and got bounced around while my pain became worse. A local doctor I finally was able to see did offer to help… and said they would remove the mesh. But, when I asked details I found they meant they would do a partial removal and also told me it wasn’t possible to remove the whole thing. Because I had been researching, and found blogs like Linda’s and also MDND(, I knew what questions to ask, and that it WAS possible to remove the whole sling (or at least try to). It was then I decided I would make the trip to see Dr. Raz. I am confidant that this was the right decision for me. Now, even though I need to wait until January, in the long run I believe I will save myself time and suffering.

    Like so many others, Linda, I look forward to your continued updates ONCE you are feeling up to it. First you need to get to UCLA, then get home, then rest rest rest… and, THEN, I know you will share. I’m very excited for you that the wait is over… and, I’m just so happy that you are finally able to begin healing!! =)

  26. Pattie McDonald


  27. Well after years of complaining to my gyn about the mesh I saw the PA in the office last Monday. The first thing she said was this has really eroded and it needs to come out. I now have an appt with another gyn in the office as my orig dr has left this practice. I was thinking, well pretty routine, they put it in they take it out…but now I’m worried. I’m glad I have questions now to ask but I live in rural No NV, I’m already on disability for other reasons but I don’t have the ability to travel to ucla. I do have some contacts in healthcare and I’m asking around about this dr or any others that might be more skilled at this…..I’m wondering if it might be actually worse to have it removed…

    • How close are you to Tucson Arizona. One woman I know is going to have mesh removal there by a doctor who trained with Dr. Raz. She has decided to be a guinea pig. I will write to you.

  28. I am glad to have found your site. I’ve had a mesh sling for 4 years because of a botched hysterectomy. It has ruined my life. I’ve had so many utis that I now have I C. And have to take meds for it and antibiotics everyday for the rest of my life. I am in chronic pain and have no love life with my husband. So I guess you could say his life was ruined too. My ex dr denied that the mesh was the cause of my problems and now refuses to see me. I checked my records and do have the one that’s being recalled. I wish you all the best and will continue my quest to find a dr that will listen to me. I’m on my 3rd about to go to a 4th.

    • Lisa you do not have to live on antibiotics the rest of your life. At the right side of this blog is a link to doctors at UCLA. Three doctors who can remove it safely and allow you to have your life back again. There is a Lisa who helps me and she had hers completely removed because infections were killing her. Yes KILLING her. This is serious stuff because this type of infection does NOT respond to antibiotics and you can die from it. Hers is all gone now and she is now doing well. I am going to put you in touch with her and she will talk to you over the phone. You do not have to live like this. I am so angry about doctors and their non ethics. I ask myself when will this stop every day, but it never does and more bad ethics from doctors come to light. I am sorry you got caught up in this deceit.

  29. I also emailed my doctor and told her I didn’t want mesh in my body. She agreed that unless the tissues were so torn and weak she couldn’t repair it she would not use mesh. When the resident who assisted her came to see me that evening, the first question I asked was “Did you use mesh”? She said no, we just put a sling made out of poly something or the other. Well of course she just went ahead and put that sling in. And it really wasn’t even required because I had no leakage..And then when I went back to her for the pain issue she said it wasnt’ the sling and she also told me the body can’t reject the mesh. She is a liar and has no thought whatsoever for another human being.

    • A medical friend told me it is written in the paper you sign that they can use their own discretion regardless of you wishes. This is disgusting!!!!! Something must be done about this.

  30. I hope you are recovering nicely. You have a lot of people pulling and praying for you. May your holidays be a true blessing and pain free.
    Can you or someone tell me if it is possible a doctor doing a second bladder repair who DOES NOT use mesh, could possibly do the repair without ever knowing mesh had been used by a previous doctor, if he wasn’t actively looking for it? Or would possibly not have given it a second thought even if he had seen it? (This latter probably not an issue anyway since my second repair was 1996 and the first many years prior), but someone else might be wondering. Also, when did they first begin using mesh, even on Medicare patients who might not have been fully informed. I mention this because I have a handicapped daughter, mental health issues, on medicare who was being prescribed drugs long before they were released for general public use.
    I am suffering terribly with ‘mesh symptoms’ and thought finally had found the cause and last night discovered my medical record for the last repair does not list mesh. Now I’m back to square one trying to find out what is wrong and don’t know whether to laugh or cry

    • The only place you can find out what is wrong with you for sure is at the UCLA urologists. Dr. Raz, Dr. Kim and Dr. Rodriguez. If you have the translabial ultrasound done, it will find the mesh and you will know for sure. I am a little confused about what you are asking but as for when bladder slings first were put in, I am truly not sure. I have heard someone say hers was put in twenty years ago. It should be on your records, but I don’t know if it was listed back then. My suggestion to you is make the appointment to go to Dr. Raz and take everything you have with you and get the tests done. If it is any urology issue, then you can find out what is wrong anyway. It is better than wondering. The link to all the doctors is at the right side of this blog. The lady who had mesh in her for twelve years, told me that it was put in her BEFORE it was offically on the market. The translabial ultrasound will show it up, regardless and Dr. Raz told me he can remove it when I asked him was there a limit of time. Please go out there as soon as you can. I know you have things with your daughter, but ask for help.

  31. Thank you so much for all you are doing, I think this is finally coming to mainstream tv. I saw a commercial for an attys office, you know the drill ” have you or a loved one been injured by etc etc” and when I heard the words vaginal mesh, I nearly fell off my chair. I told my husband Finally, women will start getting the help they deserve. I will be looking into going to UCLA as soon as I know whether we will be able to afford it. Thank you again for giving me hope in finding a solution for my situation. I pray you are recovering well and will soon be doing all that you haved missed.

  32. Judy If money is a concern, read this blog and I hope it will help you raise the funds. You deserve to take care of yourself.

  33. I had bladder sling surgery in May 2012 and just realized the vaginal pain I’ve been experiencing is due to the mesh having broken through the vaginal wall. IDK what to do at this point. I plan on going back to the surgeon that performed the original surgery but I don’t want this to become something I have to deal with every day for the rest of the life. As far as the incontinence goes, that has been successful, it’s just the painful intercourse for both me and my husband that is so upsetting. I can’t believe this has become a reality for me. Need some advice please.

    • You need to be VERY careful in your choice of removal surgeon which is why I promote UCLA so much because I have stayed in touch with so many women who have been terribly injured by inexperienced or uncaring surgeons. I know this will cost you money to go out there, but remember YOU are worth it. Do it soon because mesh erosion can get very serious.

  34. Thanks very much, great information, going back to my doctor fully loader with question. Have been suffering for a few years now.

  35. I had the mesh put in around 2006 and it has started eroding. I am in the process of trying to get in on the lawsuit that is happening all over the united states. Has anyone had problems with hurting in there right side? I was told buy the lawyers that i have been talking with that i needed to get an mri to see what is going on with the mesh. I have had cramps so bad that i couldn’t hardly go to the bathroom. It has affected my renal area. I went to the doctor and he told me that i would have to be on hormones the rest of my life. i have been so angry about all of this that i feel like the only chance i have to get this thing removed is to go on with this lawsuit. Has anyone else thought about doing this? Does anyone know of a good doctor that can remove this in Arkansas?

    • I know many women who have flown from Arkansa to UCLA because they could not find one or other women had partial removal surgeries in your State and were still ill. Everyone has problems hurting on the right or the left side. There are so many issues with mesh. An MRI will not show most issues. You need to get tested for infection, not a dip stick office test. Urine sample off to the lab and a blood test. Mesh infections do not show up in the normal process.

  36. I spoke with my husband about this and i am interested in finding out more about this doctor you are talking about. We are willing to go there if that is what i have to do to get this thing removed safely. Can i get more info on how to start this ball rolling. Thanks for the advice.

  37. Have you already had yours removed and if so what does it consist of?

  38. Thank you so much for you blog and all of the info.

  39. I live near Bowling Green, Kentucky. Can you tell me if there is a doctor from there to Nashville, Tennessee who can remove my bladder sling?

    • There are doctors everywhere but none I can recommend where you will have complet removal and a chance for less injury. Read the latest blogs and there are links to the doctors at UCLA.

  40. I DO WANT TO ADD , AND i truly got so angry at a woman in the doctor’s office the other week.

    Thjs woman that was at the doctors office with her husband , nothing was wrong with her, she said.
    She responded I have a case with the bladder mesh too, as she said the same doctor that did my surgery did hers also.
    I SAID YOU HAVE INFECTIONS AND MESH PROTRUDING OUT IN YOU TOO? she laughed and said no, she said showng me a number in her cell phone , this is my attorney, he filed for me, he told her even if she did not have damage and suffer, she could file a law suit against companies , with bladder mesh suit.
    I WAS INFURIATED , AT HER WORDS. I said those cases are for women that have suffered severly ands close to death, fighting infections and more , not for liars and women that want to make money off other women’s suffering. HOW CAN ATTORNEYS ALLOW THIS AND EVEN MORE JUDGES THAT WOULD NOT WANT SOME PROOF AND HAVE SEVER PENALTIES FOR ATTORNEYS AND DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT WOULD FALSIFY PAPERS FOR A WOMAN TO MAKE MONEY . that woman laughing about her beiong allowed to file a suit , deserves more that prison for lying about what she has not gone through. and someone neds to seriously stop this fraud, . I WAS AT THAT DOCTORS OFFICE FIGHTING INFECXTIONS THAT HE HAD BEEN TRYING FOR WEEKS TO HELP ME, AND IS STILL, not funny at all, of death and 4 years suffering , for those women lying , and attorneys filing cases fraudly for those that have not suffered at all.

  41. AS weak as I HAVE GOT, I=4 YEARS SUFFERING, i cannot get my strength back at all. and to weak even in since november to get to doctors, , why won’t they give me a mercy short to get me out of my pain ,
    gasping for breath all night , fighting more infections that anti biotics will not help , I have took to many over 4 years with mesh infection . I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE THIS WAY. i am in severe pain.

    • Peg, if I had the resources to get you out to UCLA I would, but I live on Social Security. You have a right to be angry. I have been battling for two years to get the word out to try to raise money to help others. It is all to no avail. I feel sad at your story and yet I know it to be true. Women are dying and no one cares. The woman that you speak of may have a crooked lawyer who filed her claim but every claim has to go to the top lawyers and has to be proved. Hopefully it will be throw out. Just because some lawyer took her case does not mean it has been filed. There is more to it than this. She is wrong and this will catch up with her. For all the women who suffer, she is making a mockery out of us.

  42. My bff has a mesh inside her now and she has had many problems getting worse everyday. But when she went back and asked her doc to remove it he told her nothing is wrong with her.Can anyone give advice on how to find a doctor in Chattanooga Tn or North Ga. that she can go to?

    • Rebecca. Through three years of listening to thousands of other women There are only a few doctors we all feel good about. Go to this link and then raise fund to get your friend out there. This link will take you to many links so that you understand the journey it takes to remove mesh and how important it is to go to the right doctor.

    • Dr Liu also has a women’s center in Chatanooga TN that he started many yrs ago. I’m sure they can help u.

      • Deborah have you asked him if he removed the anchors? Many doctors now removed the mesh but they cannot remove the anchors which is a continuing source of suffering. There are also many types of mesh and many doctors are not skilled at some of them and cannot find mesh once there has been a partial removal or cut in the center. There is much more to mesh removal than most women realize. Please ask all the questions you find on this blog. Don’t chance it.

  43. Hi,
    I would like to get a list of docs in the greater Houston area that are successfully performing total mesh removal.

  44. Roslyn Bourgeois

    Is there any place in New Orleans that does translabial ultrasound

  45. Can you please contact me ASAP. We need your advice.

  46. I had a bladder sling procedure over a year ago and I never put two and two together but now I am starting to wonder. I have been having lower back pain that is constant and gets much worse when I lie flat in bed at night (some mornings I can barely move), along with pelvic pain that often feels like “cramping”… this a complication of the bladder sling surgery?

    • Only one of the doctors at UCLA can verify this, but it is one of the complications of many women.

    • Heather..sounds familiar! I would get to UCLA before the symptoms get worse. It takes awhile to get in so I d start the process now! Good luck to you !

  47. I was wondering is there any natural Mesh that can be used? Also what other Mesh can your Dr. use that would be safe. Do you have any information are websites on this matter? Thanks for your help.

  48. how long is the mesh surgery take .i have surgery on june 24 2013 in bloomington ill

    • Marjorie mine took two and a half hours for Dr. Raz to unpick it from my nerves and muscles and remove the arms/anchors. Of course he is an expert at this.

  49. Lynn Ketelsen

    Your site has been so helpful. Do you know of any mesh removal specialists in Mpls/St. Paul, MN? Many thanks!

  50. I had a bladder mesh put in Oct 2011. About 8 months ago I started having severe pain while having intercourse. Went to Dr 2 days ago and he has scheduled me for surgery on Monday to have it removed. Just wondering if anyone else had the pain while having intercourse

    • Jackie, many, many women have pain during sex and it is often caused by erosion. Sometimes the eroded mesh can cut your sexual partner and cause them pain. Did your doctor say the mesh has eroded?

  51. I’m going to ucla july16 &17 th 2013 for MRI and and pre op before my removal july22 nd2013 I cannot wait, I’m just praying it all works out. I feel very confident,Dr Raz is my dr. I have suffered so long. My sling has broken into. It’s taken seven months for me to get the surgery. I’ve suffered so much pain, I feel like I have pinching in there. I pee every half hour, I shower my bottom two to three times a day for relief. Sometimes in the night I have itching so I get up and shower. I’m praying for relief, I haven’t had sex in a couple of years because it causes extreme pain, I praying for a miracle! Wish me luck!

    • Gloria it never ceases to amaze me the amount of women injured by these products. And how serious they are. No matter what, Dr. Raz will do his utmost to help you. Hugs.

  52. I can’t find a doctor that wants to remove this thing! I live in the fresno area of California, do you know any close?

  53. .I was wondering if anyone knows of a doctor that will remove the mesh completely in Texas. I live near Houston

    • Janis, I did a lot of research during the 2 years and seven months before I had mine removed. There was a few reasons I wound up at UCLA. Now I am completely mesh free.

  54. I had a hysterectomy and JJ abreevo bladder sling done in September 2012. I am 34 years old and I have had pain ever since. Intercourse with my husband is excruciating. My GYN that installed it told me I had bladder inflammation and that it had nothing to do with the sling. She referred me to a urologist. I instead found a urogyno. She immediately ran many of tests and said that yea my bladder was inflamed but all the pain was from the sling as well as my pelvic muscles tightening to cope with the pain. She ordered bladder installations weekly (medicine), pelvic floor therapy and mesh removal surgery. She was honest and said they do not remove the anchors if possible because of risk if damaging organs and blood vessels. They will if the damage in the area makes it needed, but only then. I am nervous.

    I have asked her how long recovery is, but its a medical answer… How long was recovery for you? Anyone?

    • Sarah you are so young and you should recover easily if your health is good, however, even if your surgeon is well experienced at mesh removal, the anchors may still give you much pain. I will tell you it will take you three months to heal and perhaps longer.

  55. sorry in addition to my last reply, I don’t believe that i have the arms that you mention above. I have seen diagrams showing the arms through the abdominal wall. My surgery was vaginal and only vaginal, nothing anywhere else. I am not even sure of the type, except to know he called it mesh. I have a spot where the surgery was performed that feels as if it rips during intercourse, my husband does not feel any discomfort as the doctor warned may happen if the mesh lodged in the vagina. My doctor did do a dye test to confirm that there was no infection in the bone and also has completed internal and external ultra sounds. During an unrelated internal ultrasound, the technician checked for the mess and could not see it on the ultrasound, but was very well aware of the pain and discomfort level I experienced in having the ultrasound in the first place.
    I have also had period issues over the past 6-8 months with a period every 2 weeks, bleeding for 5-8 days every 2 weeks. I am now on birth control and this finally appears to have handled that part of it, but am also worried about being on the pill at my age. Wow, who knew that the surgery would have such a life changing impact?

  56. Hello from Canada,

    WOW the stories. I have had TVT surgery (dec-2011) with the mesh made from the Johnson-Johnson Company – that, get this, removed the mesh, I was implated, from the market in February 2012!!!
    I can go through the many issueds that my body has been through physically & mentally but I do not want to throw negativety out there more than there is. I will be visiting the surgeon who implanted the mesh in September and seriously talk abour disecting part of it out. I will certainly ask the questions mentionned in the last notes mentionned.
    (I wonder how Gloria’s (Gloria | July 14, 2013 at 3:10 pm | Reply) removal surgery went). I will certainly keep you girls posted.

  57. My 79 y/o mother in law is going to c a Dr. — ———- (unsure about the spelling of his name ) he is Nashville, Tn. I just hope that he is a great Dr. n can remove this mesh , that was put in her in 1992, her Dr. is putting her thought a lot of pain just to remove 1/2 to 1 cm. She lives with server stomach pain, infections, bleeding n several U.T.I.’s, I’m her care giver and unsure what to do to help her. After reading this I don’t know if we should have it removed or just leave it in n take her back mnthly n let the Dr. that put it in remove little bits at a time ??? When I took her the first of this mnth she was crying( as was I n the nurse that was helping the Dr. ) from the pain said it felt like she was having a baby !!!!!!
    Wish that I could talk to you on the phone. I’m just wondering if she will end up in more pain than she is in now, it was her n her husbands that desided there has to be an easier way to get more or all of it out of her. I think that the mesh has or is grown into her bowel as she has a very hard time using the restroom. I just pray that we r going to a great Dr. IF he does do the surgery on her it will be done at Vanderbuilt Hosp.
    If u find the time please give me a call , once I know that it is u I’ll call u right back PLEASE … :) I need ur help to help her. And to get some answers to questions like how long was ur hosp. stay , did u have any pain after it was removed.

  58. Had surgery Jan 2010. went gor 3 month check up, no sign of sling. told not toeorry, it desingrated. assumed, he is Dr don’t worry. no major problems except incontinence just worse than before. Have recently been having major abdominal pain, leg, knee, ankle and hip issues. I have scheduled an appointment finally for second opinion. Are there any known doctors in Florida for help?

  59. I have stage 3 adrenal cancer along with graves disease I have 1 adrenal gland 1 kidney ended with my bladder hanging out my vagina size of softball when I went in for a hysterectomy plus prolapse suspension now it’s 2 years later relapsing again along having 3 surgeries prior to fix me during 2 surgery I was in so much pain in my right butt cheek and noticed a lump they kept me 2 extra days said it was possible blood clot or nerve damage pain relieved a little they decided lump was scar tissue now lump is huge and is now at my butt hole and feels like someone sawing and stabbing my insides ended up in er next day went for biopsy because doctors swore it was my cancer then in middle of biopsy ended up losing blood had transfusion and diagnosed with severe mesh infecting and it hardened needs removed and need antibiotics which they couldn’t do because they couldn’t get biopsy. They sent me home and told me to follow up with last doctor who did prolapse surgery. I did that and 1 more and not one is doing anything to fix me I feel they are leaving me to suffer and died the worst part I was given 3-5 years for cancer 30 percent chance to live and the meshing gonna take me out because of doctors

  60. I am wanting to remove my Monarc Sling Tape it was used to seperate my bladder from my uterus. I have all the problems everyone else has. Could you please tell me about a doctor in Houston, TX that is familiar with this procedure (removing it)?

  61. Hi I am from Calgary, Alberta. I am trying to have my mesh removed and have see Dr Baverstock and says he will only able to remove part of it, not the arms. I am concerned but need help as soon as possible. I have not worked for almost 6months, I’m single and need an income. Does anyone know of a Doctor in Alberta that has done a full removal. I can not collect disability because I have more RSPs than allowed. I would like to at least hope to retire some day, but if I use up all my savings now I am worried about my future.

  62. Hi I am from California and also a victim of excruciating pain from a tvt sling mesh. For those of you who had the TVT sling mesh and anchors removed, how soon after removal did the surgeon fix your bladder prolapse again?

  63. Lavalinda, Can you send me a private message Adriana

  64. I’m almost 11 weeks post op TVT Removal of sling and anchors. If any of you are interested in asking questions, I’m available.

    • Schofield Hinson

      I would appreciate any information you could give me as I have been in so much pain thought it was my back ( however) I asked all my doctors if it could be my bladder causing the pain as I had mesh erosion right after the bladder surgery 1-25-12 they all said no it was not the erosion I had back surgery may 28-13 when I woke up in recovery I was screaming in pain they could not control my pain went back to surgery on june15-13 came out of that surgery paralyzed on left side was in so much pain I thought I would die I lost 30 lbs in 15 days! Could not walk at all until October and that was with a cane I still have no feeling in my left heel of my foot and the upper left thigh feels like they put silicone or plastic in it I have severe left leg pain and nerve damage. I sent for my medical records and they showed I had infection in my spinal column in two areas also had bone floating in spinal column my pain has not been resolved and I’m terrified of doctors and hospitals now. I pray everyday for the good lord to take this pain or take me I just want peace. I want the pain to go away if anyone has any information I would appreciate it

    • Schofield Hinson

      Any info appreciated

  65. Hello. Thank you so much for this informative blog. I have been scouring information via the Internet for the last few hours. I have the TVT mash to lift my urethra at approximately seven or eight years ago. I am calling my gynecologist tomorrow to find out more details about the exact date and what exactly was placed.

    I have not had any pain other than symptoms I attributed to food insensitivities (Tender, bloating, lower abdomen.). But today, after UTI (E. coli ) number 26 in the last 2 1/2 years, and being blown off by doctors when I asked if it could possibly be related to the TVT surgery, I decided to do some research via the Internet. I am wondering if my UTIs could be from mesh erosion. I have not had intimate relations with my husband four months in fear of getting an infection, I use estrogen cream, and I’m hypervigilant about hygiene. I have been on does after Joe’s of Cipro and now I am told to be on it at a low dose constantly. I don’t know what else to do.

    Nine months ago I had a cystoscopy and I was told that everything was fine. After this last UTI I had right flank pain and was concerned that maybe I was getting a kidney infection. I went to the doctor and was told that the UTI was gone and that the flank pain could possibly be a pulled muscle. They did say they found a very slight amount of blood in my urine and had no explanation for it.

    From your research and experience , does this sound like it could be due to mesh erosion? I would like the ultrasound to see if there is any erosion. I have been unable to work hardly at all for the last 2 1/2 years due to this. I would love the name of your attorney if this turns out to be mesh erosion. If not, it still should come out, yes?

    Thank you so much for any input and all of your wisdom. I have researched to see what types of infections people have, but haven’t been able to see if it is caused by E. coli.

    Thank you so much again for helping so many other women with this ongoing, life interrupting, nagging problem.

    • Julie, bloating and infections are definitely attributed to mesh. I have sent you a personal message.

    • Julie…I had rectocele repair with mesh and I also have had that flank pain…since about a year after the mesh implanted…since I had once had a stone…i went to ER to find out if I had a stone…CT shows the same size stone that stays put in my kidney….I have had to do this at least 3 times…Urologist could not find stones moving to explain the pain….it was also very low in my sacrum area and I could not stand up without severe pain….no blood in urine…so they had nswers….my implanting dr has been putting my problems off because I had issues after my hyst which caused me to have the rectocele…

      Just wanted to say that flank pain and low back has got to be mesh related…it has caused secondary leg disability…I do have erosion and protrusion….yellow discharge…burning like cut feelings in the ride side of vagina…blood was seen….

      I am reluctant to see my urogyn but I need her take on this…..I have made an appt with Dr Raz today…for July….and since it is a way off…thought I would consult with another one local to get their take on it…things have worsened…very hard to walk…and I should have dealt with this sooner but did not put things together because of my dr putting it all off….having disabling leg and hip pain caused me to be focusing on my leg with Ortho drs…

      I think my Urogyn wants me to disappear..but I am going in there with knowledge I did not have before….I just want her to know…so she cannot pretend to be unaware of these issues…it will not help me..but perhaps the next person that comes to her will get more enlightenment….she does not answer questions but has blamed everything under the sun for my continuing issues..

      I have not been to any other dr since she put this in ..been 8 yrs in…I know my hyst started the problems and the mesh has caused more…putting it over the top….I am hoping the appt in UCLA is not a waste…I am traveling from east coast….I have much to think about….don’t be like me and listen to your dr when you need to have more answers….do not let so much time pass that things get worse…

      I have not heard anyone mention rectocele repair on here….and now wonder if Dr Raz repairs mesh erosion removal due to failed rectocele..most of you had bladder slings…

  66. Hi I live in Philadelphia area and I am looking for a dr for mesh removal do you know of any ?
    Thank you for your web site

  67. Hi Lavalinda..I have a question i had a hyst in 9/13 and have found out my bladder has dropped! I don’t want mesh put in my body but how do I live with this uncomfortable feeling and not being able to be active…? Can you tell me my alternatives are there surgery without mesh? Please help!

  68. Thank you for answeing my question..I have been a complete mess..I’m so scared to go throu something bad! After my hyst they gave me the green light to drive and when i did my abdomin wasnt strong enough and all the surgical fluid went to my pudendal nerve it took months to recoop. Im still in physical therapy a lot better but I have a fear of things going glut max and hamstrings were damaged could not sit for months! Thx for your info!

    • Paula all you can do is take the time to heal. I understand the nightmare of all this and hopefully in time your health will improve and you can begin to sigh with relief.

      • Hello. I just had my mesh put in in Sept. 2013. When I went in to see my doctor I should have asked more questions but frankly he intimitated me. He told me had put thousands and thousands of these in and no woman had ever had a problem and that the day after surgery I could go on vacation, back to work or whatever. I already have a problem where my body creates about 10x the scar tissue to what the normal person would. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything for over 2 weeks bc of the pain after surgery. They let me leave the hospital bleeding profusely and we had to stop 3 times on the way home to get more big pads b/c I was bleeding through the pads. It finally stopped later that night. When I went back for my follow-up appts (2) the doctor saw me for 5 minutes at most b/c I told him I was hurting and wasn’t feeling good. I didn’t go back for the 2 month appt b/c I knew he wasn’t going to talk to me. I have cramping all the time, hurt up inside my vagina at times, have painful intercourse w/my husband, although we have stopped b/c it hurts too bad. Since the surgery in September, 2013, I have had 9 UTI and have had 2 doctors tell me my body is rejecting the mesh sling. Most stories I have read on here women have had them in for at least 2 yrs. Am I going to have to wait longer before a doctor will remove it? I live in AR but have heard about the doctor in GA who goes from GA to CA to remove the slings. My husband said we will go whereever we need to get this out of me. It has been hell since the day I had it put in. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Also, I had told the doctor about my scar tissue and adhesions before the surgery and he told me it wouldn’t cause that but after surgery he told me it would. It is ridiculous that they are implanting these in women! Thank you for your time.

  69. Hi Lavalinda,
    I have so many complications after sling was put in four months ago, I need to talk to you and get some advices. Please contact me through email I have few questions and help.

  70. I had my Pinnacle Mesh implanted in the fall of 2009. I had a partial hyterectomy, bladder lift and A&P repair. Approximately a month later I had to have the urethra released. Starting within a year of the original surgery I started having infections. I had to leave the Dr that implanted it because when he finally said he saw something, a stitch, showing and scheduled surgery to fix that, I got a second opinion. It took many visits to the new Dr. For him to see the visible mesh in my vaginal canal. He sent me to Franklin, Tn to a surgeon to have it repaired. He did a vag. Cuff removal where the mesh was visible to repair the (one) erosion site. I was healing well at 6 weeks but started to have increasing pain. On the 12 week follow up, he reported seeing 2 areas of erosion (one was dime sized) with visible mesh and tried to schedule surgery. Not wanting just another area repaired, I decided that I wanted it removed. My new Dr here in Chattanooga, TN sent me to UNC to see about it. I had to wait almost 3 months for my appt to go see a Dr. and by that time, the larger site had become 2-3 cm large and there was a current 3rd site now. At first I was referred to a “mesh pain clinic” there to “treat the pain” for three months with amytriptaline before the surgery would be done (told me my pain was neurolagic even though I am currently on nortryptaline for fibromyalgia already and I still had constant dull pain with many sharp stabs like a double edged dagger up my vaginal canal). I felt I was being treated like a pill seeker by all Drs so far. I have legitimate severe and worsening pain day by day and can get no adequate relief. Now I have sought out a Dr in Burning ham for a consult on the removal. One week before this appt, UNC Dr called and said that the mesh pain Dr concurred with my suggestion to just remove the mean and then see if there is residual pain. (Makes more sense to me) However the only want to do a partial removal. My B-ham appt is in a week. Personal note – I had this mesh put in just before my wedding and have since lost sexual function and the ability to even have sex only comes rarely. I am unable to naturally urinate completely and have recurrent, chronic infections all of the time. I am miserable and scared of being irreparably mutilated further with all of this surgery as I already have been to a degree. Oh, and I have also developed an anterior rectocele…

  71. I had a sabre mesh bladder sling installed in 2003 following a total vaginal hysterectomy in 2002. I now have much cramping all the time and horrible pain with intercourse. Something is poking into my vagina in three places deep inside. The urogynecologist says it is the sling. The urologist who installed it – and took three surgeries to get it in, snipping off a few pieces of it in the process – said where I hurt is not where the sling is and that the sling would be very difficult to take out and would probably not fix the problem and that I have a good chance of being incontinent after the surgery. I had a transvaginal ultrasound and an IV CT scan with and without contrast and neither shows the sling. I’m having surgery on March 25. I hate that the doctor is operating somewhat blindly since the sling is not visual. The urologist believes the urogynecologist should just take out what is painful and leave the sling alone. The urogynecologist says that what is painful IS the sling. I am concerned after reading these blogs to have just portions of what is probably the sling removed. Can anyone give me advice on this that would add to my knowledge or help my doctor? Thank you!

    • Rosemary there is only one test that will show up mesh on the outside of your bladder. I wrote a blog about it which is in the column on the right side along with another about doctors at UCLA who do this test and can remove it all. I do not know who your doctor is but it is rare that any doctor can remove it all including anchors. You need to study how your sling is made and you can ask him/her for a pamphlet. You probably will have to travel but in the end it is worth it not to have more damage from partial removals and continuing pain.

  72. I forgot to mention. Also years of UTIs and interstitial cystitis which is much better now that I don’t drink anything caffeinated. There is less pain having intercourse when my bladder and colon are both empty – until now when nothing works. I went through a horrible round of c-difficile that they couldn’t get rid of from taking so many prescribed antibiotics and almost died because it killed all the enzymes in my digestive system.

  73. I am so thankful to all the ladies who have wrote on this blog telling about their experience w/their slings and also to Linda who works so hard to get all of this information out. Because of Linda and this blog, I now have an appt. w/Dr. Raz on 5/27 for my consult to get this awful thing out of me before anymore damage happens to my body. I really thank you Linda and everyone else who is a part of this blog. I will keep you posted on what happens if that is okay!

    • Kathy you are the one who took control of your life and said “No more”. You are now on your way to a new beginning. I remind women every day that they are intelligent women who know what is going on with their bodies. They are often beaten down and broken by doctors who do not listen and refuse to break the cycle. It often feels disheartening, but when it works, I feel better knowing another woman won’t live a life with severe complications that can take her down a path of no return. YOU will return.

  74. Lee Ann Kwiatkowski

    I have been trying tirelessly to find a doctor to remove this thing from me in the Milwaukee or Chicago area. My doctor put the mesh in me on December 16th 2013. Just 10 weeks ago. She too said I could jump on the trampoline again. By my 6 week check up it had already eroded onto my vagina and was too tight. This week I went 5 days with a high fever. I went to the ER with 104.6 temperature. That checked everything and could not find a douce other than a small discharge from my vagina. I know this mesh is the source of the fever but they won’t admit it. My fever has gotten better but now I have a rash. I can feel the mesh every time I move bending especially in a sit down position is very difficult, and my poor husband, we haven’t been intimate since before surgery. I know this thing just keeps reeking its havoc on my body.
    Please help

    • Lee Ann you definitely need to set up a consult appointment at UCLA very soon that way you won’t be in extreme and dire stress. However, you need to get the infection taken care of now and have a culture done by a doctor. Not a dip stick test. Tightness is causing retention and it can damage your kidneys. Your immune system is being broken down by all these things so please get an appointment soon. You will get in much sooner with either Dr. Kim or Dr. Rodriguez. Don’t wait. What you are telling me is serious.

  75. Hi. Could you please tell me names of doctors in Toronto to remove my mesh?
    Thank you

  76. I am having my pelvic mesh ,removed soon what will be put back.been in pain two years felt like milling myself to stop pain ,just won’t to live as long as possible,that kind of pain will cause u to think !ike u r not yourself I am scared am 52 2 daughters 4 beasitful grand daughters a wonderful husband great life I missed 2 years of .big dreams,an prayer of getting well if it is gods will do u have any suggestions for me ,your web sight is great helping sisters is what its about. God bless u. Angela g I am scared in tears an great pain have pelvic mesh/bladder sling bard/J. & j. In me don’t won’t to Die have disease c,m,t like m,s we ask muscles an nerves I fear my outcome ,,what was bad they are making worse in prison in my body torchred every minute I committed no crime am good kind !moving gental soul

    • Angela. I don’t know where you live or who will be doing your mesh removal and all I can do is hope for you a successful removal so that you will have some kind of life again. I am glad you have a wonderful family and that will help you while you recover.

  77. Looks like Iwill need money to pay someone to care for me tthe rest of my life already hard to live this may put me in home rest of my life who will cook clean shop help with hygene,can’t do nothing I use to 2 yearsalready lost of my llife what is the price on what I !most,who can replace it .will I walk without a walker again?do I have two law sites cense I have 2 different implants? Angelag

  78. Looking for mesh removal doc in the Tampa Bay/Clearwater Florida area….Have been very sick for several years post Boston Scientific Lynx sling – 2008……Many docs are reluctant to even discuss mesh removal….Please help…God Bless to all that are experiencing the devastating after effects of mesh products….

    • Dawn, I don’t know anyone and you need a surgeon who can remove everything. You did not say what type or if it is on your colon. You need to know more about what you have to make this life changing decision. Travelling is worth it to have the best surgeon.

  79. Dawn in Tampa , I have found and that was with a lot of searching and dealing with doctors who head is stuck in the sand, but finally found the Advanced & Minimally Invasive Gynecology Fl Hospital Medical Group, they have doctors who specialize in Pelvic Floor Pain, Pelvic Reconstruction. So far I have only been in for one visit, then had a hang up naturally another delay with my insurance company
    delaying things. I found the Doctor I was seen by there were caring and very professional. In addition to her decision to practice in the area of Pelvic Floor Pain, she also taught as an assistant professor as she knew there was a great need in this area. The staff at that office is Gynecology, urology,
    reconstructive surgeons. . I believe and pray that this group of doctors will be the answer I have been searching for. I have had so much pain, the pain has become more severe over the years, it has affected my autoimmune system.
    My surgery was in 10, 2002, I have not been sexually active since that time, I feel like my womanhood has been taken from me. I do have desires, I am single thank goodness, because a husband would have left by now. I was going to be reunited with my ex, but I never had surgery I knew I could not have sexual intercourse with him, and it would be to difficult on us both. I just stopped corresponding with him, all together feel off the map like I had dies. Something in me has died. I don’t want to think I well never have the intimacy that I had once known. Let alone dealing with this pain. The Doctor didn’t want to begin any surgery until I could go through anesthesia blocks and reduce the amount of narcotics I take now for the pain. However her words still cause me to cry. ” I don’t have a Vagina ” There is nothing down there now except for bowel. to hear it said that way, I can’t tell you what it did to me. I guess it would be equal to a man having his penis cut off and his testicles tacked up with screws. As In my pelvic floor I fell like where they anchored the mesh I have knives or screws stabbing me. I use to work in Ca, with a number of residents attending UCLA, IDK if one of them could pull any strings and get me into see Dr Raz, and get this moving a longer faster. I wanted it out yeste year not yesterday.

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