TVT-O & TVT Bladder Sling Complications

In two weeks time I will be on my way to UCLA and bladder sling removal by Dr Raz.  My days are constantly reading or listening to other women who have been listening to doctors tell them that their sling is not the problem for their declining health.  These women are kept isolated except for one thing.  The Internet.  Regardless of what we have been told, some of us refuse to believe it, when we know our own bodies.  We know how we were before our surgery.  We now say, enough is enough.  It is time to recognize we are suffering and if the mesh manufacturers and our doctors are refusing to believe us, we MUST take action ourselves.  We MUST say we know what is the truth.

Why are we never told about the amount of complications arising from bladder sling surgery?  I truly wish I could answer that question.  I do know any automobile product has to go through vigorous testing and yet these slings are put into us without any testing.  Why?  Only the authorities who oversee our products can answer.  BUT!  Even without knowing any of the answers, YOU can do something to change this.  It is this simple.  REPORT YOUR COMPLICATIONS TO THE FDA!  You may be one of the hundreds of women who have written or said to me “I can’t prove it is the mesh”.  “Doctors are telling me it isn’t the mesh”.  My answer is this.  You know your own body.  You know what it was like before the sling was implanted inside of it.  You know what has changed.  Stop trying to prove it and take action.

I knew my own body when this happened to me.  I spent the first six month trying to prove it to my doctor without any good result.  She did not believe this could happen to me because mine is a TVT sling and not a TVT-O sling.  I researched out of the country I live in by adding U.K on the end of my key research words.  Then I found it had happened to other women.  One such article was written by doctors in English, who were practicing in Berlin.  I copied the article and begged my doctor to believe me and help me.  It did not get me anywhere.  So I did two things.  I first reported it to the FDA after I got my hospital notes and I added it to this blog.  I wanted all women to understand that we have to stop being down beaten by any doctors authority.  We have to stand up for ourselves and say enough is enough.

You can remain anonymous.  You can remain quiet and still make your voice heard.  Please, please report your complications to the FDA It is your VOTE to stop this from happening to others.  Please, please take this seriously. I have written blogs on where to find the information you need to report your complications (like, Mesh & Our Fundamental Right, Report to the FDA and more).  You can’t do it unless you know the manufacturer’s name and implant number.  You can’t sit back and allow this to keep happening to so many, good women.  You know the truth.  Start helping by doing one thing.  Report your complications to the FDA either on line or by telephone.  That simple thing can save someone else from YOUR agony.

Although there seems to be hundreds of complications due to a synthetic product implanted in our bodies, this blog is about leg pain.  I can attest to how it can change your life in the worse way.  With mesh erosion women go through hell to get someone to recognize their complication before they go through hell.  In the end, no doctor with a brain can ignore it when it is protruding from your body and yet I know for a fact that they still do.  All I can say to any woman who has gone through this, is RUN as far away from such doctors as possible.  Keep working until you find one who will listen.

With leg pain from theses surgeries it is much harder to prove to any doctor.  For some women the agony is loud and clear, the second they wake up from surgery and yet they too are told “It is not the sling”.  For others the journey is long and difficult without any belief at all.  Mine was slow.  I was already suffering from so many other complications that although I knew about the pinging sensation in my groin, it was the least of my worries.  I thought it had to be due to the constant use of nine weeks of a catheter.  I was suffering from so many infections and I just wanted the sling OUT OF ME.  That did not happen of course, because once it is in your body, it is designed to attach itself to our tissues.  It is major surgery to remove it by one of a handful of doctors who can do it safely and remove it all.  My own doctor has no experience in mesh removal and yet she continues to put them in women, knowing about complications.  I finally took action myself when I had no more money.  No way to go from doctor to doctor.  I found marshmallow root and got rid of all infection.  The blog about this product is here.   That was my first step.  Then and only then did the groin pain became more noticeable and miserable.  I began limping.

At first like many I thought it was lack of exercise from months of complications.  So I was determined to get back into shape, only I knew I had to do it carefully.  I asked my daughter to order me a sitting exercise bike.  When it came in, she put it together.  Then I sat on it and did what most people would think was very normal and easy.  I made a slow round on the pedals.  What I was met with was excruciating pain down my right leg.  I had never felt it that extreme before so I stopped and waited a few days.  Then I tried again.  I knew then there was something more serious going on.  My daughter took the bike back and I tried to get my doctor to listen to me once again.  She would not.

Weeks went by.  My leg pain and my walking became very labored.  Sleeping was hard because I could not lay on my right side at all because the pain was worse.  I was up and down all night.  I knew something was going on but when you don’t have any money left, you keep researching and you suffer.

Six months after the sling was put into my body, something happened to make me take more notice than ever.  I got up from my chair and my leg gave out under me with a sharp pain.  I went down.  I did what was normal.  I reached out to catch myself and I landed on my left wrist hard.  I was in agony.  I wound up in the Emergency Room and was told I had  two cracked bones in my write.  More money for a cast.  Money I did not have.  Then came the walking stick and for bad days a walker to make sure I was steady.  All I could think of was what the hell was happening to me.  I was too young to become a cripple from a bladder sling.  My days and night were dark and lonely.  But I never once gave up.  I asked my daughter to do something simple.  I asked her to make a video of what this product had done to me.  She did.
This is the video:

I knew I could not be alone with these complications so I kept writing and saying what is wrong with me.  Then came the women to this blog.  They sent me private emails, too afraid to say what was happening in comments.  They had been told to stay quiet.  Many did, but many have not.  I’ve spoken to so many on the phone who told me, “Your hell is my hell”.

If you believe you have complications from mesh, do something.  Take action to help yourself.  Stop trying to prove to your doctor what you know is the truth.  You deserve better.  Make that appointment at UCLA.  You will be so happy to hear the words “It is the mesh”, when you go there.  Those doctors know the truth.  I wish you luck.

I constantly research to give you more to read that what I or any other woman will tell you.  When I put into Google seeking any information I am met with a wall of lawyers info and I keep digging past all that.  This article was written by Dr. Twiss and Dr. Raz.  I knew Dr. Twiss was trained by Dr. Raz, but no one I know has gone to him for mesh removal.  Now I know one woman who has had her first consult with him.  She was armed with all the questions to ask from this blog.  She will have mesh removal by Dr. Twiss in November and I hope to give you her story of hope.  I did not write the questions she asked.  They are here on this blog for you to take and ask any doctor who says they can remove the mesh.  The questions were written by a woman who had TVT-O mesh removal by Dr. Raz and she is doing well.  Not cured, but so much better.  No one can cure us.  We will always be damaged by the results of this surgery.  At least we can look forward to a better life by going to a doctor who understand how to remove the mesh completely. Arms/anchors and all.  Not snip off a bit of mesh and then tell us we are now okay.  While it remains we will NEVER be okay.

This is where you can read the article for yourself and the following I took about TVT-O and TVT complications.  You can read about other complications here, but if you are one of the thousands of women who have not reported your case to the FDA, no one knows about you.  You should also know that this article was written in 2008.  Since then there has been an explosion of women who are suffering.  Hence the FDA warning last July 2011.  Not a recall as many women have believed before they contacted me.  A warning.  That is not enough.  Stand up and be counted.  I took this paragraph from the article to help you understand more about leg/thigh pain.

Groin and thigh complications

Groin and thigh complications are significantly more prevalent with transobturator slings than retropubic slings and can be lifethreatening in some cases. A meta-analysis 17 of randomized controlled trials comparing retropubic with transobturator slings found that the odds ratio of groin/thigh pain was 8.3 for transobturator as compared to retropubic slings, and the large French registry of TVT-O procedures 20 reported a 2.7% rate of residual pain lasting greater than 4 weeks duration. In our experience and in that recently published by others, 36 the groin and thigh pain encountered after transobturator sling placement can in some cases be unrelenting and require sling removal, a challenging task. Such pain can result from the passage of the sling through the adductor brevis, adductor magnus, and gracilis muscles (with subsequent myositis); infection and/or abscess; hematoma; or, rarely, obturator nerve entrapment. 12,37 More significant is that serious infectious complications resulting from transobturator slings have been reported,38 including groin and thigh abscesses, sepsis, and gangrene.

Managing groin and thigh complications raises the important issue of “invasiveness” with regard to transobturator slings. While transobturator sling procedures are often marketed as “less invasive” due to avoidance of the retropubic space, one must be cognizant that transobturator slings are placed into an anatomic region that is very difficult to access after the sling is placed. Removal of retropubic slings remains relatively straightforward, especially because urologists and gynecologists are familiar with the anatomy of the retropubic space and urethra. Conversely, removal of a transobturator sling remains challenging because it occupies a deeptissue space that is difficult to access, and the anatomy of this region is far less familiar to pelvic surgeons. Thus, both retropubic and transobturator sling procedures are “invasive,” and each sling carries its own set of problems associated with the anatomic region that it occupies.

You should also understand that those of us with these complications have more than leg/thigh pain.  It is in our hip, back and all down the leg.  We also have pelvic pain and vaginal burning.  There is so much more to mesh complications, but the world has to know.  That is why I write this blog.  I want to inform and allow women to make choices in their surgeries with INFORMED information and choices.  I cannot do this alone.  You can help.

Update.  For new information click here.

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  1. Thanks for blogging this, I know now Im not crazy . I had a transvaginal transobterator sling done with my hysterectomy in 09 and have had problems ever since. I’ve been to 8 different drs. they all told me sling is fine and my groin and leg pain was due to the position I was in during surgery. PT helped and herbals. still have minimal pain sometimes flares up and I have to take diazepam suppository . MY main problem now is recurrent UTI’s I’ve had 12 in 15 months and now have bad Yeast infection the whole month of september. my dr says I have IC but he is only diagnosing me by my symptoms. I had blood in the urine as well this last time. I think it is all due to the sling, I have not been right since they put it in. I can’t do all the things I used to , I have to be careful not to flare up my pain. I am very anxious to hear how you make out and if you feel it was worth traveling to UCLA for the removal. I am considering making the trip myself. I live in NJ and researched miklos and moore as well. I just don’t understand why they feel it is not the mesh product itself that is the problem. Hang in there and god bless, good luck on your surgery

    • Please read the blog I wrote this morning September 27th 2012 titled A light in a night with mesh. It is about an amazing woman and her journey back from hell all because she chose to go to UCLA. She will be your inspiration as she has been mine. It is really hard to make that decision I know, but I am at peace because I know it is the right journey for me. You must choose for yourself.

  2. Hi,I am 3 1/2 months post vaginal hyst with TVT-O placed at time of operation have thigh pain and aching to sometimes painful pubis area,and what I call saddle soreness between my legs.sometime sore to walk.I was told it was roundligamentpain from surgery.I’m sick of drs as at same time was found I was type 2diabetic the last few days my temp has been reading low and between 33-25

    • You do not say where you are located, but you need a doctor who can find out what is wrong. You won’t be the first to be diagnosed as a diabetic after sling placement. Please read the post ‘Mesh & Internal Clodidium Infection’ dated July 23rd 2012. I wrote there what a medical friend told me about her friend. It is a must read for you. I suggest you make an appointment at UCLA. Before you get sicker. They can do a translabial ultrasound and tell you what is wrong. There are also two women who are excellent surgeons and you can get in faster than Dr. Raz. Read about them on So Much Hope for mesh Removal Surgery, August 28th 2012. Please find out what is wrong soon. Leaving it too long could be dangerous.

      • Hi,thanks for that..I’m in Australia and I have only found this American site..I’m pleased to know I’m not crazy and will be telling my Dr I want this checked.the last few nights have been hell,Im aching head to toe and have tingling sensations on my vagina

  3. I am interested for my mom, she had the surgery in 2008,in late 2009 had lyphomia attached to stomach, and has had countless bladder infections and now they don’t stop at all.
    I am going to get her records with her today but don’t know what to do next, can you help?
    Email me

  4. I’ve been trying to research to see if a new problem I am having could possibly be caused by my urethral sling surgery. I had the surgery in 2011. Within the past month I have been having increasing pain in my right hip that shoots down my right leg. None of the doctors I’ve seen can seem to find a cause for the pain and it is starting to be such crippling pain that I can’t function normally. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. Hi,Its now been 8 months since my vaginal hyst and tvt-o placement.After translabial ultra sound and pelvic bone scan..all came back normal,Dr has agreed my pain is from tvt-o ,now I’m waiting for a nerve block and if that doesn’t work I’m having tvt-o taken out…wish I was in USA for the drs that are mentioned here.since operation I’ve been so down,now I’m going to be treated for depression and anxiety.its been hell trying to work and keep my job..

  6. Julie, they do nerve blocks all the time, which is temporary and does not help. The issue is the mesh is caught up in the nerve and nothing including partial removals help. I’ve been there. A nerve block only lasted two hours on me. You are like thousands of other women who are depressed because of these surgeries. That is why I fight to let women know what is happening.

  7. Julie, this explains why this happens. I found it in a medical paper. It is the needle tool and the blind tecnique they use.
    “To explain the mechanism of nerve injury, we performed cadaveric dissections on a formalin-embalmed female body. We were able to demonstrate the contact of the needle with the pudendal nerve after aberrant passage of the inserter.”

  8. I just came across this site. I had a sling in March of 12. Since the day I got out of the hospital I have had pain. Walking for long periods or doing what I always use to do like yard work I hurt. I was just thinking it was weak muscles from not being able to do much for the months after surgy. Now I am scare. I know my dr will say how can your legs hurt. I hear him saying it. Today I laid mulch and the pain in the upper inner thigh feels almost like a charle horse.

  9. Been reading this site…OMG I have had all these problems since I had TVT fitted 2 years ago pain in groin,leg ,foot and lower back…also burning.
    I am not going mad thank god…

    • Susan, no you are not crazy, you are mesh injured. You have all many of the signs and I hope you can get some help. I see you are in the UK. There are women in that country who will help you. I will try to connect you.

  10. Thanks Lavalinda I will contact GP….I knew as a nurse myself and a pain managment nurse that this was nerve pain as my thigh tingles and has an itch…but my foot is the worst…I am finding it difficult to carry out my nursing duties.n

    • I kno2w MANY nurses that no longer practice. It is sad that this has happened to so many women who have good careers. I will now sent you the UK contact.

  11. I had the Gynecare Prolift in 2006 and than the TVT in 2007 to correct the failure of the Prolift. My doctor told me my pain was due to menopause. Both mesh products only caused me more problems. My doctor ignored my complaints and made me feel like I was crazy. I went for a second and third opinion. In 2010 I had surgery to remove the mesh. The mesh was embedded and the doctor said he could only remove a very small portion of the two meshes inside of me. I was very sick and hospitalized with sepsis after the removal procedure.

    Chronic UTIs have been occurring since the mesh surgery. I have chronic pain , contractions, and spasms that feel like child birth. Most days I cannot bend or squat with out feeling pain in my pelvic area and back. Physical therapy and a pain block only gave me more pain. I lost a great job and my independence due to my pain. I was recently approved for Social Security Disability. My life plan of working until retirement is no longer a reality. I love to garden and that has also been taken away from me. Marital problems due to extreme pain during intercourse.
    Depression and anxiety is now a constant. I have little bladder control and a difficult time with bowel movements. I lost 12 inches of my colon in 2009. Now I wonder if the mesh was part of my colon problems? I am discourage and feel much older than 55.

    • Donna, the sadness I feel for you is overwhelming and the anger that this has happened to so many women, extreme. Yes, yes, yes, it is because of mesh. I am out at UCLA and I am sharing a room with a woman who will have surgery tomorrow by Dr. Raz. Before she found this blog, a doctor told her he would remove part of her colon. Dr. Raz told her it was unnecessary. They do it because they do not admit it is the mesh, and they don’t know how to remove it, so they make women worse. It is disgusting. I know that you life is a mess, but maybe there will be away for you to get out to UCLA some day. I wish I could hug you. XX

  12. Wow, after reading these comments I feel vindicated!! I had a hysterectomy with gynecare tvt in Dec 2009 and I’ve had a variety of problems. I’m 49 and I’m walking hunched over from back and hip issues, I’ve had severe pain and burning in my right thigh, constantly stiff and often feel lethargic! I have no insurance and am out of work but trying to secure a job but knowing physically I can’t handle it. I’ve had bouts of depression because I wasn’t sure what all this was about? I just thought I was going crazy.. I’ve had so many issues with legs and my back I don’t where to turn! I live in California and had my surgery here as we’ll. any feedback would be appreciated.

  13. My surgeries were in 2002. My gynecare TVT sling has been recognized as a recalled product. I didn’t need to be told that however to know that it was not right from the beginning. I have been on preventative antibiotics for 11 years now because even two days without them & I get infection. The quantity of problems I have had are too many to mention. However my most recent issue is tendon rupture in both of my calves, two months apart. This is a complication I hadn’t attributed to the mesh until reading your blogs & all the related stories. Do you think this is a complication or do you know if it has been recognized as a complication of the product?

    • Infections are a well known complication and you need to work on getting it out at UCLA before the infection becomes so bad, it can kill you slowly. Dr. Raz has removed many after all those years and when he does, he finds so much puss and oozing. Please do something now.

  14. I definitely have experienced the infection issue for many years & agree it needs to come out to resolve that. But do you think the mesh & sling could be causing my tendon ruptures in my legs? I know it has caused hip & groin pain but the actual tendon ruptures are new. Is there any research on this?

    • Melissa have you been taking Cipro, or other of this family of drugs? My guess is yes and this is why the ruptures have happened. These drugs do terrible damage and they are the number one drug prescribed for infections of this nature. Please read this.

    • Melissa whenever you take a drug, don’t just read the paper they give you. Go home and put the name in Google and read EVERY side affect including those so called rare ones. They are rare because most are under reported. I know, because I lived in hell because of some prescription drugs. You should also be aware that these drugs are not meant for long term use, but when given, they are given out repeatedly to mesh women when these infections occur. Also make sure your urine is sent off for culture at a lab to see what kind of infection you are dealing with and if this drug will even work on it. Take tons of probiotics when you take any drug for infection. If not there are serious consequences because you will upset the balance. I have learned everything from experience.
      This is your drug. You should also be aware that most infections from mesh are deep inside the mesh and in time cause abscesses. When they remove the mesh from many women at UCLA, these women report back to me that the doctor told them puss oozed out of their bodies. Some women have to have IV antibiotics after surgery because their condition was so serious. Get the help you need before it goes this far.

  15. Please I need help. I have horrible left leg pain and swelling. Physical Therapy
    makes my leg hurt worse and swell. I had months of being crppled since surgery. Ofcoarse Doctors are blaming it on everything else. Old age,
    arthritis, ect. I have had knee and back problems but they never made me
    crippled. I know it started the day of surgery and is getting worse. I will freely
    admit to old age common problems (i’m 66. But nothing compares to the pain
    and problems I have experienced since the day of TVT bladder sling surgery.
    Hoqw do you get the doctors to admit, what you know. I know my body, I
    know when this all started. All my friends and family know when it started. I
    got no warning what so ever other than a common release stating that surgery
    could possibly lead to more surgery. Well, getting a hang nail trimmed could
    lead to more surgery. Hardly adequate warning…than girlfriend told me about
    adds she saw on TV. I’m sick, my whole life has changed, I’m in constant pain
    and the very Doctors I see for help are in the same orginazation of the one
    who operated on me. Like I will get an honest answer here. I pay highest
    insurance premimum they offer, I can’t afford my premimum and afford to go
    \to outside doctors. What can I do. TY

    • Tiny, it is not old age issues, I too am 66 and I was building my house until I had the sling in me and then all that stopped. Get a supplement policy through AARP and then go to UCLA. You will never get doctors to admit it is the problem. so stop working on it. Use you energy to get the help you need. Drop these doctors and start paying for a policy where you can choose where you go. Only you can make this decision and do what is best for you. While you fear what these doctors will think you will never get well. They do not control your life if you don’t allow it. You can afford to help yourself if you prioritize and decide you are worth it. We all had to do exactly that to get better.

  16. I had what I was told was a TVT fit, which caused all those horrible complications plus erosion. However, when I had the TVT removed the surgeon told me it was a TVT-O, but it was an I-Stop TVT on the box so the hospital who put it in tell me. I am so confused, what is the difference and how can I find out if the I-Stop Classic from CL Medical is a TVT or TVT-?

  17. oh my God I am so scared now….I am 46yrs old and due to have this operation tvt-o in three weeks. Now I am panicking.

  18. Hi I am a 52 year old healthy lady from ireland who had a mesh sling fitted september 2012. although it sorted my incontinence problem I have been left with lower back and right hip pain ever since. I have never suffered from back pain before except during labour on my first child which I had mainly in the back. Some days I cant even bend to put on my socks in the morning. I love gardening and have found this is a problem for me as I suffer the next day from the back pain. Also the pain gets worse ten days before my period and it feels like labour pains and I have to lie down with my electric blanket and take pain killers for the pain. I have spoken to my g.p. but she has just given me back exercises to do. Is this a common problem after this procedure? I would love to get some feed back as I feel my gp is not listening to me regards Laurie

    • Laurie it is very common to have this type of pain in leg, groin, back and hip. I do not know anyone in Great Britain who is good at removing the mesh, and I feel for you deeply. There are support groups via facebook and someone may help you on one of those.

  19. Hi Laurie, I am from England and unfortunately very experienced in mesh complications. There are only two surgeons in England who are being highly recommended for mesh complications and removal, these are Sohier Elneil at UCLH in London and Natalia Price at John Ratcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Natalia removes TVT’s and Sohier, also known as Suzi, is very experienced in removing TVT’s and all other types of mesh plus much more. Suzi did my removal and she is the most wonderful surgeon and she went right back to the bone to remove all the mesh. Don’t be fobbed off by doctors who don’t have a clue, as most of them don’t. I don’t know of any surgeons in Ireland but visit TVT MUM and TVT INFO websites who will be able to advise you. Good luck.

  20. Hello everyone ,
    I had my bladder mesh sling removed in 2011 , by Doctor Lorie Fleck Mobile Alabama she was a great, but lack of money Im not able to return to her .She was the only doctor who truly listened . But Im still having horrible leg and groin pains to the point sometimes my leg gives out on me . I too have run out of money and can’t get any doctor to believe me when I know Im not the same person I once was . What I’m trying to find out is will pain go away now that mesh has been removed and what can I do beside strong drugs to control it . I am single and I have to work .Is there any testing that can give some answers to all of this . I sleep on average 3 hours a night cant get comfortable enough to sleep .And of course all that’s offered is more drugs which I cant afford . Depression has taken over and of course they have a pill for that too! Every doctor I’ve encountered either thinks I’m there for drugs or prove my case for money . WHEN ALL I WANT IS MY LIFE BACK FREE FROM PAIN .Any info would be very much appreciated . FYI ….after removal Bladder infection improved ,gastric bloating maybe once a week compared to daily ., ringing in ear remains , leg pain are chronic , groin pain severe with curtain movements , sex doesn’t hurt but gastric bloat, lower back pain, bladder spasm comes on the next day and continues for at least 2 ~4 days. Depression and exhaustion is killing me ! I believe I’ve had/have an Auto immune response to the mesh material but of course proving this is impossible !!!!! I don’t understand why doctors refuse to help and believe. God bless everyone

  21. Hi Donna,

    It is very scary when your legs go from under you, I know as this is also happening to me. I’ve had a mesh removal and my surgeon has referred me to a neurologist as she is concerned about this and she wants me to also have an MRI of the spine. She doesn’t know yet what is causing this but is determined to help me and make me as whole again as she can. She also said there may be a part of the mesh which she didn’t get as it could have gone off somewhere that they could not detect it.

    Good luck and don’t give up.

  22. I had the TVT sling for SUI back in 2007. For the last 2 years I have lived with pain. It took me 2 months to get into see the female Urologist who was finally able to tell me that the mesh from the sling was inside of my bladder. I had revision surgery 2 and 1/2 months ago to remove the entire sling. My doctor wanted to do a partial removal but I wanted the entire thing out. I had all of the symptoms, constant urinary tract infections (I was living on AZO), could not have sex because of the pain and on the few occasions we tried I had bleeding after, abdominal pain, hip pain, etc…I even went to my GP and said you have to test me for cancer my bones hurt and I am sure I have cancer. She said “let’s don’t use the C word. I drove myself to the emergency room one day only to get pumped up full of morphine, invoiced for an expensive CT scan and told they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I had NO idea that all of these symptoms were related to that stupid sling!

    I had pain for a long time after the surgery when walking or standing for long periods of time. Abdominal pain and lower back pain. That seems to be healing and getting somewhat better. Here is my problem…I had intercourse with my husband for the first time the other night and it really hurt. I thought all of that was going to be over after the sling was removed. I had spotty bleeding after. I scheduled an appointment to see an OB (have not been there in years) and will have her look at my Vagina to tell me if it’s normal. I don’t think any of this is normal. Does anyone have any insight as to what could be wrong with me? I’m afraid that I’m broken forever and this is what it is.

    • Shelley, do you have proof 100% of the mesh was removed, including the anchors. The only test that can determine that is the translabial ultrasound and it is done by the urologists at UCLA. You could call their office to ask if anyone does it in your area. Look to the right and you will see info on these surgeons. The test will show up white wherever it is. No other ultrasound will show it.

  23. oh my god. i just had tvt o done in australia. but no pain or complication so far. but im scared of reading all this. should i remove it before taking long? or should i wait for any sign that make my body bad?

  24. Hi I’m 34 and live in the UK I had tvt surgery 4 weeks ago and they pierced my bladder during surgery I had to have a catheter for a week but 3 days after surgery I started to get pain like a heavy ache in my right leg and swelling in my calf I was sent for a ultra sound to check for a dvt but that came back negative it’s now getting worse my right leg is aching constantly my lower back hurts occasionally and my left leg and groin hurts occasionally it mainly effects my right leg doctors won’t listen and now I think it’s all in my head it doesn’t matter how I sit or lie I’m constantly in pain I wished I did my research before the surgery but I took my consultants word I’ve had enough please help

  25. I had TVT placement surgery 4 1/2 years ago. A few months ago I started experiencing pelvic/groin pain that radiates down my inner thighs and is so severe I can’t stand up straight. It only happens occasionally, but have had a sensation of pulling type pain in my groin after I first stand up for quite sometime, also hip pain. I saw my gyne yesterday who is trying to tell me it’s my endometriosis, even though I have not had any problems with that sice having my ovaries removed at the same time as the TVT procedure. Is it common to start experiencing problems from the TVT years after and not right away?

    • Kimberly you are on the right track. It IS the mesh. It shrinks in your body over time and causes complications. I and many other women started out this way and it worsened and caused nerve damage over time. So make an appointment at UCLA and begin now. There are two women surgeons there you can see. Look at the right for those doctors. Some women it took 5 to 7 years for complications to begin showing up. That is why we all yell “No more mesh!”

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