Butterflies & Fairies

Butterflies & Fairies

These are two more designs in my Magnetic Memory Cards and this subject is light and fanciful, suitable for any butterfly or fairy lover.  Although I am showing these designs in pinks, I custom make these cards and can make them in other colors.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I always imagined fairies lived in our garden. I was born in England and grew up with the imagination of fairies who lived in nature, so it sparked my interest because to me they are a beautiful fantasy. These two custom cards are born out of that memory and fantasy and for each card I wrote a different poem.

I made this card in shades of pink with glittery wings for the butterfly fairy and the butterflies. I also added tiny glittery butterflies to her skirt and in her hair. This card can be sent to someone for any reason and when they place it on their refrigerator or magnetic memory board they will always think of you and smile. Or you can buy one for yourself, happy with the knowledge the money will go to feed and care for shelter dogs.

Please note, my poems and these cards are all copyright protected.

Fairy Princess

There is a special Fairy
A friend to butterflies
She is the Queen of Monarchs
And rules our planets skies

She handpicks special butterflies
And tells them “Go and fly”
She waves her wand to keep them safe
Not one will ever die

They’ll live with her forever
And stay right by her side
They’ll keep her safe from enemies
Their wings protect and hide

Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick

You can send or buy a magnetic memory card for yourself or someone you know will appreciate a lovely surprise from you, or you can send one instead of a normal birthday card or get well card.

This queen of butterfly fairies comes ‘with love’ and she expresses the beauty of butterflies. I can make this custom card in a different color background or fairy and butterflies, but I can only make them with what I have available on hand, so please when you purchase this card, give your color preference and if not available, I will contact you and offer a different color choice. This card is cream with bright pink (fuchsia).

Butterfly Fairy

When I watch a butterfly
Its color makes me sigh
I watch as it flitters
Its beauty makes me cry

I brush away a little tear
And ponder for a while
I see its inner spirit
And then I start to smile

Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick


If you would like either of these cards sent to a different address please specify this in the “special instructions to seller” box when making payment.  Please note all funds from my designs are going to a special dog rescue to feed and care for shelter dogs.

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