Loss & Memories

Loss & Memories

When someone we loved dies, especially a long term partner or close relative, we struggle through for years trying to make sense of it, while missing them. As a widow of a thirty-five-year marriage I understand this loss. There are so many wonderful photographs and memories for me to draw on and I feel very fortunate, however, there is always a part of me that is missing. So I wanted to create something special to help others throug

h their own loss.

I am a designer and poet and I used both of my talents to make special custom magnetic memory cards that someone who is going through the loss of anyone in their lives, could see and be part of. I am now offering two designs to help someone trough their loss and at the same time, by purchasing a custom, handmade card from me, you will help feed and care for shelter dogs. More about that at the bottom of this blog.

This blog is to show you two styles of magnetic memory cards. Dealing with loss and two different poems for loss of a loved one.

Special Magnetic Cards

I wrote a special poem that gives the person who has suffered a loss, a meaning of something as simple such as finding a feather on the ground. My poem and design are copyrighted. I placed the feather in the card at the top for this first photo.

The removed feather symbolizes the missing person from our lives. This magnetic card is designed to stay on a refrigerator or a magnetic memory board.  I added the feather to a heart so that you can hand write the person’s name and a private message for them on the back of the heart and carry it with you at all times. When you feel the sadness of your loss, you can hold the heart in your hand and think of a wonderful memory.  Here are the two pieces of this card that the person will receive.

Falling Feather

Today I saw a feather fall
It drifted down to rest
The wind blew strong, it didn’t move
I knew it was a test
I then bent down to pick it up
It shivered in my palm
I felt your presence near me
You made me feel so calm
I’m thankful that you’re by my side
Your spirit lights the way
Your feather I will keep with me
To comfort me each day
Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick

I put this card on my own refrigerator to show you what it looks like. The magnets hold it so that you can open and close the door many times and it won’t move. This symbol of your love will always be where you can see it every day and remind you that they may be gone but never forgotten.

Please note. My designs and poems are all copyrighted. I custom make these cards and if available you can choose a different color of the background. I can add the person’s first name at the top of the poem if you wish.

My Broken Heart

I feel your presence everywhere
I’m sad that you aren’t here
I miss the things we’ve always shared
Each day I shed a tear
I’ve heard in time, it’s easier
But now I fall apart
I wonder how I’ll live again
And mend my broken heart
But I will always honor you
I promise I will live
Each day I’ll take a tiny step
I’ve so much more to give

Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick

One again this is a magnetic memory card that can be placed on a refrigerator of magnetic memory board so that it can be seen every day and give comfort for the loss of a loved one.

I made this one in memory of my husband Hugh. I can add the name of your loved one at the top of the poem.

If you would like this sent to a different address please specify this in the “special instructions to seller” box when making payment.  Please note all funds from my designs are going to a special dog rescue to feed and care for shelter dogs.

Card Style
Personalized Name

If you know someone who has lost a dog, I have also designed magnetic memory cards for loss of a dog, and you can view them here

Make a need magnetic memory board using an old cookie sheet. See this blog