Make a Book Using Stickers

Make a Book Using Stickers

It won’t be long before Christmas is here again and you will be rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for a child in your life. But sometimes a perfect gift is not about the amount of money you spend on the latest gadget. Most of these things quickly become old news, where as the best gift is something you lovingly made and is more personal. So why not make a book?

Yesterday afternoon and this morning I made two such books from start to finish, including write the stories for both. Now I am going to share with you what I did.

After this past Easter 2016, we happened to be in WalMart and they had just gone to 75% off all the Easter supplies. Among them were sets of reusable stickers and there were backgrounds in the package where each could be stuck and then pulled off and stuck on again. I was not interested in those so I put them in recycling. I just wanted the stickers because they only cost 75cents a package and they were bright and colorful. This one was a mermaid theme.

The other theme I bought was about a princess and ponies except they were unicorns. I loved the colors and both themes and I put them beside my computer until I was ready to write a story for each. Life being life, I only just got around to it.

I decided to call the mermaid book ‘Home in the Sea’ because it most described the stickers.

When you open the book this is what you see. I had some 12″ scrapbook cardstock that was perfect for a sea background. Think of the stickers as tiny illustrations for your book and buy some that most describes the child you are making it for, such as a hobby or something they love. Color is very important for a child’s book.

You will note that the story part of each page is not in great length. Each part I wrote to go with the stickers I was going to use on a page.

In the stickers there was also a merman and treasure hunting things, so I wrote this next page to go with them.

There was not enough mermaid or merman stickers for every page, so one page I wrote about the fish she played with when she was swimming.

This is the final pages and I used the last page to make a point to the child reading it. Now I will give you the story.

I’d rather be swimming

Or lying in sun

I live in the ocean

All day I have fun

I swim with a turtle

And play with a whale

I climb on a seahorse

And ride on its tail

My best friend’s a merman

We swim night or day

We search for some treasure

For dress up and play

The fish love to greet me

They call me their Queen

They swim in a circle

Through plants that are green

I’m glad I’m a Mermaid

And all things I do

I hope you remember

To keep being YOU

Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick

A young child cannot comprehend too much information at one time, so it is imperative you write a small amount for each page. It does not have to be poetry; it can be something about the child or about the theme you chose in reference to the child.

Now for the second book. I decided after looking at the stickers, the title should be The Unicorn Princess.

I used a very pale green cardstock for the background and this is the first page when you open the book.

The next page shares how she loves to dress up like the color of one of her Unicorns.

Once again there were only 4 princess stickers, but there was a castle. So I incorporated the story to talk about where she lived and her animal friends.

This is the next page.

On the last page I wrote something to make a point about caring for animals. Here is the story.

There is a little Princess

Who loves her Unicorns

To her they’re very special

Because they all have horns

They come in many colors

A rainbow blend of hues

She loves to dress to match them

By wearing colored shoes

Her home is very beautiful

With creatures everywhere

Frogs and owls and squirrels

She gives them loving care

Her Unicorns are special

Quite Magical indeed

Where Princess goes, they follow her

They are a loving breed

Remember, love your animals

And treat them with great care

And you will too be special

A Princess brave and fair

Copyright@2016 Linda Kilpatrick

A young child does not need a lengthy book and they are easy to please. So now I will share with you the materials I used.

For the inside pages, I used 3 sheets of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook cardstock and cut out 5 pieces, 5 ½” by 11″. Set the 6th piece aside.

You can fold each piece easily but I use a folding board which really helps to do it straight and makes it more accurate. If you don’t have one, hand fold them in half.

You now have 5 inside pages for your story.

I printed out the short story, allowing enough space between each section and then I cut it out in one strip.

This ensures each story section will be the same size.

Then I cut them apart.

My five story sections are now ready.

Next I use mounting squares on the back.

They are all ready to add to the pages.

I chose to use a different color for my book covers, but you can use the last piece you laid aside from the 3 sheets and keep it all one color. The cover piece has to be 6″ by 11 ¾”. You will make your folds at 5 ¾”, then at six inches, to leave the ¼” spine of the book.

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