Making Baby Books

Making Baby Books

Lately I have been in book making mode and while making these two little books, I was swept back into a time long ago when I was pregnant, carrying my daughter Kim, who is my one and only child. It is hard to believe that forty-five years have passed since my pregnancy and I have a wonderful and caring grown daughter who is always here for me.

This project began with some Jolee’s dimensional stickers and some reversible cardstock which clearly states it is all about pregnancy and bring baby home.

About a week ago I was first inspired to make a little book for a child to read, titled ‘My Baby’.

I wrote a story about bringing baby home and how it affected a young child. I used a combination of die cuts and stickers to bring the book to life.

I used generic plaid color for the inside background cardstock and stickers that could either be boy or girl. I wrote the story so that it does not suggest gender.

For these pages I once again used dimensional stickers.

I was using stickers I had bought on clearance over time and had to work with them to make the book interesting, without buying more.

This is the final back pages of the little book. Teddy bears are always good for this kind of theme.

I had used the bottom part of the scrapbook page for the baby book, so then I made a second book using the top part. You can see them together and how they lined up on the 12″ by 12″ cardstock.

I have a really cute die to cut out a quaint looking baby head, so that is the only thing I used on the front because I did not want to hide the words than ran across the paper.

I added the title and copyright on the back of the book cover. I thought Baby Daze was the perfect way to describe what it is like being pregnant and waiting for your child to arrive.

The book cover cardstock is reversible and this is what it looks like on the back side. So I decided to used it as accents on the inside of this book.

When you open the book, the Jolee’s stickers began the story. Even though the stickers and cardstock are a perfect color coordination, they are made by two different companies. I chose to use a color for the inside pages that is bright but also coordinates with everything else.

I had some flat colorful stickers that I thought added fun and interest and I began using them on the second page.

The sticker washing line was bright and colorful but it was too wide for my small book, so I cut it and used it in three pieces.

For the center pages I wanted a pop-up scene that is instantly recognizable as baby items that a new mother would need. It takes a while to build a double pop-up page and I used everything I had on hand. To make the pop-up background, I used the reversed side of the cover cardstock.

On the left side, I die cut the baby carriage, then spent time die cutting pieces, building up layers to make the carriage more colorful. I used tiny sliver brads in the center of the wheels to make them pop. The pop-up carriage is then surrounded on the bottom page with flat bath time stickers. A cute dimensional teddy bear sits beside the carriage, under the handle, in a spot that would otherwise seem empty.

On the right side of the pop-up background I had to get creative. I did not want this to be boy or girl colors, but the baby crib had a pink drape. So I removed it and added white lace instead, as a drape. These baby furniture pieces were meant to stick down so I had to back them first with some of the background paper, or they would have stuck together, once you close the book. Using the backing paper color is a simple way so that everything still works together. The paint accessories actually had pink splashes of paint, so I removed them so that I could show it was a nursery in decorating stages, in generic colors.

The back wall would have been very empty, so I printed out ‘Baby’s room” in an ink that was close to the color and die cut the background picture frame to make it pop. Now the back wall described what the page was about and it filled the empty back wall space.

This photo shows you how I made the pop-out boxes so that the chair is further out into the room and the crib is closer to the wall. Once you begin playing with pop-up cards, you will soon get used to moving the pop-up boxes where you want the pieces to be, while ensuring that when it is folded down, the pop-up will not come outside the top of the book, or crash into each other. Only making many pop-ups, time and a lot of patience can teach you this. It is something you will only learn by making many mistakes. Just remember it is only paper.
When you add more than one pop-up in a line, it adds more interest when you don’t line them up in one straight line and you move them in or out..

This is the baby carriage side showing you how the pop-up boxes look. I made two for the back of the carriage.

When you close the center pop-up pages, then you begin three more pages of story. This is the first.

This is the next page.

And the final page.

When you close the book you will see that the fat pop-up center is between the three pages on either side. When you make a book like this, you must allow the spine of the book to be large enough to accommodate the thickness. This spine is ½” thick. I made the book width 5 14″, so that I could get the back and front cover and the spine area out of the 12″ wide cardstock. You have to work this out before you begin.

This is the two books side by side.

You do not have to write a story for little books like these. This would make a fabulous gift for a baby shower or new mother after giving birth and you can use photos that were taken when the mother was a baby and write about your memories. I guarantee you, that of all the expensive gifts a new Mom will receive, something like this will last the longest and become a family treasure.

It doesn’t cost a lot monetarily to make books like these, but it will take many hours. However, making something very unique that will be kept through generations is well worth the time you take. You will also learn so much by doing it.

To help you learn how to make different kinds of books, I have written free tutorials.
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